Why has council made this bike lane only part time? Is there a legal reason why?

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Where is this?

And why is it strange? You mean because there is no legal parking anyway?

Peacock Road (the road that joins King Wil).

It's all day parking on the side so parking doesnt effect the bike lane

The bike lane is solid all the way, nothing breaks it so why is it part time?

So the door-zone pseudo bike lane is now an actual part time bike lane, with all the associated dangers?

If there was no parking during those times it would make sense but cars can park all day long so it's always a door zone. 

The point is that it was previously just a bike lane sign, now it has had the time restrictions added to it.

However, there is a quite decent shared path alongside. You can see it in the photo. There's a ramp to access it from Peacock Road. (That's in the photo too - it's the light coloured area adjacent to the cyclist on the road in the distance).

To be honest, if I was in charge, I'd remove the bike lane after that ramp. It seems dangerous to suggest to casual cyclists that riding in that door zone is a sane alternative to the shared path. (Of course confident cyclists can still ride the road without a bicycle lane).

(Of course confident cyclists can still ride the road without a bicycle lane).

And legally too, if there is not the installation of a proper ARR 'no bikes' sign applying to the road.

I'm pretty sure that one has been discussed here before. Most people thought the time restriction sign was simply put up by mistake, probably a mixed up work order when the bike lane times on Greenhill Road were changed. 

Regardless of why it was put up, it is currently there and in force. There being a yellow line that prevents parking at all times, the only legal effects of it that I can think of the bike lane being changed to part time are:

  1. Other vehicles can use it outside the bike lane hours. I've seen a couple of scooter riders use it legally.
  2. It is not compulsory for cyclists to stay in that lane outside of bike lane hours.

Out of the bike lane hours, it's effectively merged with the normal traffic lane, but I didn't think it was legal for scooters to lane-split on the left of cars in South Australia?



The problem with 2. is that many motorists don't understand the law and subsequently abuse "for not riding in the bike lane" as a result.

Out of the bike lane hours, it's effectively merged with the normal traffic lane

That's an interesting opinion on what happens to part-time bike lanes when they aren't bike lanes and there's no signage to say what they become instead. Do you have a reference from the ARRs or other SA Regulations to support that? 

If it's not a bike lane then the ARR are silent on what it becomes. That is, the lane markings mean nothing under the ARR Regs and there are no offences relating to use of that part of the road. So practically it can be used as if it were part of the left hand lane.

The Google street view of that bit of Peacock from August 2016 actually has no bike lane signs, so at least back then it wasn't a bike lane at all. And from what I can see aren't there parking restrictions at the south end from 7-10AM? Would make sense to not even pretend it was a bike lane when cars are parked there. 

Exactly. if there are no parking restrictions or traffic issues then why not make it full time.


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