Went past the intersection of North Tce and King William St today and took this photo of the tram line works underway. By all accounts they are working on the intersection 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will have it finished by Monday 15 January. With the TDU using this section of road in two weeks time I think it will be a remarkable achievement to have this finished in time. We could see a lot of bike carnage at this intersection in the future with wheels getting caught in the tracks.

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To get a wheel caught in the tram track, you've got to be riding almost parallel to the track as you cross it. This happens on Jetty Road, because the tram track is shared with other vehicles. But I don't see how it could happen in the city, because the trams get their own dedicated lane.

But you're right about the TDU!

Tram lines can catch you out if you're turning across them, no matter what the angle relative to the bike. Any competitor attempting to overtake another is at risk in the tracks nest area. My shot of the intersection from yesterday:

The TDU Stage 6 circuit will be going up and down King William St, so will have riders crossing the tracks at an angle, so I guess that the slotted rails will be filled in with an epoxy (like they used to for crits at Glenelg) or some plastic matting laid over the top of the tracks.

I don't think they'll do anything special like that for the Stage 2 passage where it's only part of the very long neutral zone. If the project runs late and the intersection is still a construction zone, that one will just use Morphett St to go past the back of Adelaide Oval rather than King William Road in front.

In terms of long-term impacts for cyclists, it probably rules out making conventional right turns from North Tce in either direction. That's a pity, because the best routes for getting in/out of Adelaide Railway Station will cease to be an option.

haha, that sparked a visual from a few years ago. Someone I was meeting with was on a city bike in Antwerp, a city with many tram tracks, coming towards us for a meeting we had. A tram was coming up behind him and he was trying to go as fast as possible to stay ahead.

check the view...

I don't think it will be that remarkable an achievement to get the job done on time, thanks to the track panels being prefabricated and a practice assembly having been done in a warehouse before taking them into the city for the real deal.

I've been following this project (and the Torrens Junction project) from the angle of the rail community, and most people there seem to be disappointed at how slowly any DPTI rail work goes in SA. ARTC-led works can be done in a timely manner, and I don't think it's any coincidence that their tracks carry revenue earning freight trains rather than subsidised public transport.

Yes dear friends, the ABC news announced that the road has opened at 6am this morning. With 250 people working on the project 24 hours a day, this has been quite an achievement. Would love to hear how cyclists go negotiating this intersection.

I went through today but didn't turn. There was an extra signal for turning buses, but otherwise it was the same for me as before.

As I rode on the footpath between North Terrace and Kintore Ave (on the nice wide north side), I noticed one cyclist getting off the road to also get on the footpath. Maybe he decided that with the narrower road he now felt unsafe?


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