H'eroica 2015 ride - gravel roads, pizza and wine. Sunday 4 October

The Adelaide Cyclists H'eroica ride is back for its fifth year and everyone is welcome to ride.

The Adelaide Hills has so many hidden unsealed roads and ever-opening expanses of hills, and car-less roads, providing a sublime experience that needs to be shared.

Sunday 4 October please join me and Easy Tiger for H'eroica 2015. The ride meets at the Natural Resource Centre carpark, Norton Summit, at 9 am for 9.15 start. We leave Norton Summit at 9.15 am (Magill Tower Hotel carpark at 8.30 am). 

Here's the event page.


This ride's aim is to be fun, inspiring, eye opening, a bit of a challenge, as well as including our non riding family and friends in a get together at the end.

On the same day in Italy the famous L'Eroica ride on the dirt roads of Tuscany, logically it seems like the ideal region to have it's own L'Eroica on our mostly unsealed roads. Like L'eroica, you are encouraged to ride in vintage cycling gear

As the Italian L'Eroica event is held on the strade bianchi roads of the Chianti region, we are riding the unsealed roads of the 'Little Italy' region of the Adelaide hills - Norton Summit to Lenswood like you've possibly never ridden before. 

We stop at Anderson Hill winery, Lenswood, at around 11 am where they will be selling pizza from their wood fired oven as well as cheese platters and home-made cakes and coffee. Families and friends are welcome to join us.

Like past years, there extended an ride adding an extra 30 kms or so to the original Norton Summit to Lenswood via Blockers Rd ride. Easy Tiger will guide you out towards Gumeracha on more gravel. This group are arrive at the winery not too long after the basic route group.

If you are riding, up meet at the Tower Hotel carpark Magill at 8.30 am

A note on the course. Thre are some steep sections. The road surfaces will be a mix of bitumen & compacted gravel roads - strada giallo. Accordingly your carbon fibre racer should not be used, but mountain bikes, cross-bikes, touring bikes, single-speeds, and whatever else deemed fit for purpose.

RSVP via the event page. There's also a Facebook event as well that you can share. 

Some photos here and here.

Find more photos like this on Adelaide Cyclists

2014 photos by Gilllian

Find more photos like this on Adelaide Cyclists


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You sure the problem was drink related?

An update so far: 23 say they are coming on the event, 39 say they're coming on Facebook - it's looking like the biggest number yet. If you haven't RSVP'd yet please do so we can kind of get an idea. Event.

Daylight saving starts on Saturday (lose an hour sleep), check.

Nice and warm, 33C, great. (Unfortunately there isn't 2 bidon holders on the CX)

What bike to ride? Um... steel and heavy but lowly geared or CX, lighter but not so lowly geared, oh well. There's always walking.

Decision on to ride the 'epic' full or just bail out and eat some pizza early? (not really an issue),

Which way to ride home?

Seriously all, it's a great day out. It has got a few tough bits but that's all forgotten when we get to Anderson Hill. No one will feel left out. As a group we do end up riding at our own speed. I'm certainly in no hurry. If you're riding to Norton Summit, we'll meet in the Tower Hotel carpark at 8.15-20 to ride up by 8.30. 

If you're going to ride the longer route with Easy Tiger please be really prepared with spares, food and extra water. 

Also, while we like to acknowledge L'eroica in Italy, you don't need to ride or wear retro. If you do, you'll feel better.

Contrary to what Meghan Trainor says about it all being about the bass, H'Eroica is all about the serenity!

2012 H'Eroica di Adelaide from easytiger on Vimeo.

Note, this was on the way home. I can't say I'll be wearing merino and arm warmers on Sunday.

I'm rethinking jeans as leg wear, it's gonna be a little warm.

BREAKING NEWS - David Bowie has agreed to do an acoustic set for us at the winery!!!

So here is his homage to all that will be joining us at H'Eroica!

There's been a fatal car crash on new Norton Summit Rd overnight and police have closed the road from Ridgeland Dr. If you are riding up you'll have to take the Old Rd. It might change by 8.15. We don't want to ride up there and get turned back I n case there isn't any police info right at the turnoff. See SAPOL site or FB for more.

Consider it a challenge to ride Ridgeland Dr instead, that should be open.

Another great day out on the bike. Thatpnks to the ~40 riders who joined in on this year's H'eroica.

This year there were no punctures, the temperature was lovely and didn't get to the expected high while we were out.

The pizzas and drinks at Anderson Hill were excellent as usual.

Still people said, 'wow, that was a lot harder than I expected'. It is, but worth it.

Thanks all.

Still a bit pissed that Bowie guy was a no-show!

Thanks all for coming out. As Gus says we were going to ride it anyway, so come along if you want, but an event is only an event when people participate.


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