Gully Grinders Bazz's Bash - Ride #6 Ride Report - A cruise around the foothills

A brisk morning turned into a beautiful day for a ride, we could not ask for more perfect weather to welcome two new riders to the group - welcome Kylie and Craig!  Six riders made it out to the Gully Grinders sixth onslaught on the north east suburban roads on a route called "Bazz's Bash".  Sadly McIntyre road gave Bazz a bit of a bash two days ago, so sporting some nasty looking road rash Bazz very kindly became our very own 'Graham Watson' (cycling photographer) for the day - who's handiwork graces this report.

Kasey showed the puncture fairy who's boss and screamed around 'Bazz's Bash' to beat us to the end.  Due to my being a bit of a spanner and taking a 'wrong turn at albuquerque', Roger and I were second to arrive back at Prices.  A change will now be made to proceedings such that TEC and Ride Leader will exchange phone numbers at the start of a ride, as poor Daryl (Ride Leader today) looped back to try to find Roger and I  (who were at the cafe), something that next time with phone#'s can be avoided. 

Kasey has kindly offered to run the show next week (as I'll be at my brothers wedding) and has requested Bazz's Bash Part Deux. I'll see you on Easter weekend, where we will ride down to the brewery to meet up with Gus's ride down to Henley Beach to celebrate Adelaide Cyclists 3rd Birthday. 

Until then, may the wind be at your back :-)

Storming up Grand Junction Road

Craig, Sergi and Daryl... you boy's might have to start introducing 'town boundary' sprints! :-)

Kylie kickin' it on her new wheels!

Roger and TEC (me) bringing up the rear.

Roger, always smiling! 

Regrouping on the corner of Perseverance Rd.

The advantage of being in the foothills, the views are pretty good!

Thumbs up! 

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LOL ... Freudian slip in paragraph 3 (between the parenthesis)

Ahem, yes... Brothers wedding... :-)

Sorry I didn't make it, had some emergency maintainence, apparently the Nth east had some strong breezes over the w/end whilst I was away and an ageing pergola had a distinctive lean when I got up Sunday Morning

Unfortunately I showed up at 8:30. Somehow the time on my mobile clicked over for the end of daylight saving a week early. According to mob I arrived at 7:30, after waiting a while the message dropped so just had a short solo ride.

I wish the end of daylight saving were true, I'm over waking up to find it still pitch black outside!
Here's today's lil ride. 

Beautiful day for a spin. Thanks again :)

Sorry, I didn't make it but I needed to do a big hills ride Today after missing my regular Sat morning ride due to a wrecked tyre 3km into Cobwebs down the Bay. So much glass out there. Almost looked deliberate.

Great photos, keep it up. Will miss next week as GS#2 is on.

Thanks to everyone for a great morning! It was great to meet you all and I look forward to joining you again next week - we might even go the right way next time ;-)

Looks like a great ride !  Hoping to get to the next one this weekend.

I too had a late withdrawal as the wife was of too the markets. i was stuck home looking after the kids and watching the planes fly over from the parafield Airshow. i will hope to be there next week. A weekend (3 days) off the bike is hard. But back now and see ya sunday


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