After having multiple issues with my first Garmin, I was ready to give the whole idea a miss. As a result of my recent 74th birthday, now have one that does what it is supposed to do !

At the same time, I have really "bit the bullet" and gone full compact on one of my bikes - - plus a 28T at the back.Yeh yeh I know that I have been a hardliner on standard cranks, but time marches on ! ( Would never do this to my vintage steel as I keep that for the less demanding rides.)

Ok, you can all hop in and give me heaps now !   

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I know- - - I feel a bit woosey !

Any one need an Octalink 9 speed standard Dura-Ace crank ?

I might be able to use that crank. What are you looking for?

Crank is in very good condition with a couple of light scuffs, 172.5mm arms, and would come with 52T x 39T chain rings. $50 plus postage, and I am in Tasmania.  

Sorry, I thought you were in SA. I'll have a think about it.

I luv my compacts!

What chain, rear derailleur and crankset is that? Gold chain, gold jockey wheels! And what are the sizes of the chain rings - the difference in size looks larger than a normal compact crankset.

KMC SL Ti ( Superlight Titanium coated, hollow pin, slotted link  ) chain.  ( Bike is 9 speed )

Jockey wheel is a anodised alloy with sealed ball race bearing,

Rear derailleur is Dura-Ace - - 9 speed.

 Ritchey compact Octalink crank - - 175mm crank arms - -  on Dura Ace BB with Ritchey 50T -34T chain rings.  The 34T is actually a steel chain ring, as they last much longer than alloy 34T and weigh just 40 grams more.  


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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