In a sign of troubled times ahead, camera maker GoPro has decided to cut 20% of its global workforce. GoPro is planning to re-structure through an $80 million cost-cutting program, which will see least 255 employees lose their jobs to achieve a headcount of "fewer than 1,000 employees worldwide".

Published by ABC News on 9-Jan-2018

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their camera prices just keep going up and the recent news of their new drones "failure to launch"...

I know its not as good a product in some aspects, but I bought a shimano cm2000 off for $100 AUD

GoPro was always going to see this kind of correction at some point. 

You can't be a dynamic thrusting startup forever, eventually you have to grow up and act like a company.

It will be interesting to see if takeover bids start appearing, consumers could be the winners if a new owner decided to combine GoPro functionality with quality optics.


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