Heather, this is a new spin on the term 'bicycle crash', I think David Southern didn't like my last addition to WITWIMB.

If anyone needs some bike repairs, please consider supporting these guys...

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As mentioned I needed some new tubes. I was going to give them a call to check if open, but I was close enough just to pop over. Got there around lunch and there was a note on the door, closed until further notice. I went to megabikr for my tubes, but that doesn't mean I won't go back to Giant.

They probably shouldn't have said they'd be open, but any small business is going to struggle to give a perfect response under these circumstances.

Under-promise and over-deliver, it's Retail Business 101.

The correct statement would have been "We are hopeful to open again tomorrow, but check our Facebook or website before coming in as we cannot confirm it yet." That would have come naturally to anyone with a retail mindset, yet more proof that there's a lot of substance behind the long list of complaints about Giant Bikes Adelaide.

The store manager is probably an optimist but would have no say over running a damaged store before being fully assessed. Their insurance would not cover them opening with damaged electrical fittings and probably glass fragments all over the place.

I choose not to click on Advertiser links. Article could have contained this info in the Messenger.
Vehicle hit a metal bollard, a $30,000 glass sliding door, and 20 high-end mountain bikes worth $150,000.
So average price $7,500.


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