Hi guys,

I'm looking at buying a flat-bar road bike in the next couple of days, and I was wondering whether there's a whole lot of difference between women's and men's bikes.

I don't think a lot of women's bikes look as good...and if there's a nice men's bike at the price I want, is there any reason I couldn't get it? Obviously the saddles will be different, but that can be changed.

In addition, any recommendations for the type of bike? I've got about $600, and was just going to go down the road to my LBS and see what they have there for that price. I'm going to spend an extra $100 on panniers, and other accessories I might need (luckily already have lights and a helmet)

Much thanks,


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Very nice.  

That cable is not going to save you from very much.  Had a colleague at the Uni of Adelaide lose a bike to bolt cutters a week or so back locked up with a cable that looks about that thick.  According to someone posting here you can carry bolt cutters around in a tennis  bag or similar.  A good U-bolt is the best and then use the cable to secure the front wheel.  The best advice on this stuff is Angus' mate Hal


He has a few videos after this one.

Of course it all depends where you are keeping it at work and home.  It might not be an issue.


Remember a few years back when it was relieved that U-bolt locks could be opened with a ball point pen... Sadly a determined, inventive thief can get your bike if they really want too, pretty much no matter how it's locked up... There's an old saying that locks are for honest people :(

Yes I remember those.  They've been fixed though.  Of course you can probably cut a U-bolt with an angle grinder but it's harder to carry around and noisier than a bolt cutter.  Or as some people here have reported they glue up your U-bolt lock so you have to leave it over night and they come back when it's dark with a bigger tool kit to cut it.  At the end of the day you just want them to decide it's not worth the effort and go and steal someone else's bike. 

Hi Ella, Nice looking bike that could attract a thief. Recommend you check 2 posts on the AC group Stolen Adelaide bikes:
-- RECORD info of your new bike http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/stolenadelaidebikes/forum/top...
-- LOCK your bike securely at http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/stolenadelaidebikes/forum/top...

Am planning to get a new bike lock...was running late this morning and didn't have the chance. I had to use my old one.

When I get the chance, I'll be locking it up in the bike cages at Adelaide Uni. Does anyone know if there have been bikes stolen from the cages, or whether they are generally safe in there?

I do not know about the bike cages, but the uni is one of the hot spots. Thieves know many bicycles left for hours.

As you are cycling in the CBD, an invite to join Adelaide BUG. You can opt to receive the free monthly newsletter.

I've never heard of anyone getting a bike stolen from inside a cage at the uni though obviously you need to still lock the bike up securely inside the cage.  That cable I referred to before being cut was at the uni but outside. The cages do fill up though. Partly because the uni never removes any of the bikes that have been dumped there.

You can subscribe to the email list of the North Terrace BUG here 


Not aware of much difference except in style. On long touring rides, lots of the girls ride bikes that you wouldnt know were specifically ladies bikes. However, do make sure you get the saddle comfortable - pressure points are different so the saddles are different shape.

Ella, there is a free secure bike parking facility in Hindmarsh Sq until the end of March sponsored by the city council and managed by Bike SA. It might be usefull to use until such time as you have some decent locks and sorted out your parking at UNI.


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