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Well,  with daylight savings finishing  last Sunday, today’s ride was the first with the clock set back to normal. Many people were looking at their watches,  thinking they may  have missed the ride,  as there was so much early morning light. They hadn’t,  and it was great to be heading out with the sun up and away from the horizon.

We had just on 40 riders out with two rides on offer, as there were no takers for the SOB option.

The first ride was up to Williamstown and then up and over to the Mt Pleasant turn off,  for a 61km ride and 725m of climbing.

The other ride had  a similar route,  but also included a swoop up Martins Hill Road, for an 80km run with 822 m of climbing.

So not much to  separate them on paper, but the second ride was ridden at a quicker pace and that extra 100 metres of climbing added a little bit of  extra spice.

The first ride had a good run to Lyndoch, which always works to get the blood pumping. This section is essentially a gradual rise all the way so you need to put in from the get –go.

We had a quickish break as everyone was keen to keep moving so we didn’t cool down too much.
We did though say cheerio
 to Karen here as she needed to get back to Gawler by a certain time, but she was happy to get out for a ride anyhow.

The next section across to Williamstown is always fun as there are  long flat parts. A few were feeling a bit apprehensive about the climb up to the Warren, as they had never ridden it, so we all took it easy.
We then said goodbye to Keith and Ash who returned back to Gawler. Keith is building up his riding fitness, and Ash needed to get back home by a certain time. Great to see them both up and about for the ride,
 given the circumstances.

Here is Keith with Dave.

And Ash.

There was also a bit of talk about the actual climb to the Warren Dam.

 “ Is it as steep as Calton Road?”. “Is it as steep as the first bit of Yettie?”
After some toing and fro-ing , everyone decided to take it on,
and just see how they went.

In the end everyone got up the hill to the Warren Dam.  At times you can psyche yourself out, in most case you know your limit, and if you pace yourself and don’t blow a foofer valve you will be fine.
In some respects, if you take on more climbing, the hills seem to get flatter.

So here are some shots at the top of the climb.

Dave and Warren







At the Mount Pleasant turn off we were able to pull off safely to the side of the road in to a bit of gravel. Not anything like this weekend Paris – Roubaix, but you still need your wits about you when you go off the paved surface on to gravel.

Just as we were preparing to start our trip back, the lead group of the other ride zoomed past. Great spectacle.

So at Williamstown, both rides were able to meet up, which just added to the fun for the day.

The return trip was again a real hoot, and we were back to Gawler before it even looked like getting too hot.

Thanks to Bec and Caren for taking on the role of TEC. They did a great job.

The other ride also had a good time of it. Interestingly the majority of the riders took on this ride, around 25. It looks like a lot more are feeling confident to take on the longer rides, which is great to see.
Across the ride they
 kept a very steady pace, and everyone stayed more or less together.

Thanks to Geriant for leading this ride. There were a lot of smiling faces at the end. Great stuff.

So another fun ride out with the Wheelers, the weather was good and with very little wind at all;  a great combination all round.

Until next week, stay safe



Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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This weeks thank you and appreciation awards brought to you by Gawler Wheelers and the Exchange Hotel.

It's that time of the week again when we get to recognize our members who never cease to bring smiles to faces each week.

Before we get to the awards, this week we managed a sneaky birthday surprise for The Sherriff. last week Simon had mentioned to Deputy Dave that he was turning 40 on Saturday and was lucky enough to be celebrating it with a ride with the Wheelers. Well we all know once you tell one person it is no longer a secret. We hatched a little plan to surprise him back at HQ after the ride. Paul K almost brought it undone at Williamstown when he announce that it was his big day and preceded to start the sing along when every one walked away with a few saying not now. (Paul must of missed the back at HQ part :) ) A rather surprised Mr Sherriff must have wondered what the hell was happening when the crowd dispersed, mounted their bicycles and carried on as if nothing had been mentioned. Well we all know what happened back at HQ. Pretty sure he was very surprised and enjoyed his morning.

This weeks 1st award went to Karen Couch​. Karen has ridden on and off with us since our inception with her partner Warren Porteous. Over the last month Karen has been a regular with the encouragement of many of the ladies. With more girls coming out it makes our group all the more appealing knowing you are not the minority in a male orientated sport. To all our boys we thank you! Karen is really enjoying her riding and it's always a pleasure to recognize out women.

The 2nd award went too Richard Lamb​. Richard has been riding for many years and generally rides on Sundays but manages a few short sharp hills mid week before work. As many of us can identify when you have a family it is not always possible to make every Saturday. We have many members that travel to Gawler as we have one of the biggest and well organized groups in SA. Richard is always amazed how well the group rides and thoroughly enjoys his morning when he is able to come out. We look forward to making him welcome when he comes out next.

Another awesome morning rolling over the asphalt.


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