Ho, ho, ho, it must be Santa.

It’s nearly the end of the year, and it was time for the Wheelers to celebrate with our Christmas ride. The weather was looking a bit threatening with a big downpour on Thursday and again on Friday night, but true to form, out came all the tinsel and bling.

We had essentially one ride on today. A trip down the SOB and return or for extra, a loop around Edinburgh.

Here is the majority of the crew who dressed up.

We had close to 40 riders out and we received a great reception as we made our way through Gawler  to the start of the SOB.

From here it was all steam ahead to the end, although the wind did get up a bit near the end, so a real struggle, especially if you had Santa suits on like Peter and Scott

And others near the end.

Kate, Karen and Peter.


Tash and Dave

Here is the crew at the end of the SOB, a lot of colour a cheer.

And plenty of colour from the ladies especially.

From the turn around point some simply rode back, while others took in the loop.

The return trip was all good really. We now had a tail wind and it was all smooth sailing.

We had though two small incidents, some ‘clip stacks’ as they rolled off, which was a bit embarrassing, but no real damage.

We had four new riders out today, so that was great, especially being able to be part of the day’s fun.

Dallas and Lynn had meet up with the Wheelers a few weeks ago in Lyndoch, and Linda as her want, went straight up to chat and encourage both to come out for a ride. And today was the day. Both rode really well in particular riding within a bigger group.

Mal who is Ded’s sister was also out for the first time. She rode well and enjoyed being part of the group and said she will be out again.

Finally Daniel out for the first time. Daniel hadn’t been out on the bike for a few months, had been following the group on Facebook and decided today was also the day to come out for ride. He rode very well and enjoyed riding with the Wheelers.

What is great to see is people can follow the Wheelers on Facebook and Adelaide Cyclists, get a feel for the group and make a decision to come out for a ride. As we always have at least three options, people can choose a ride they feel most comfortable with. So a great way of getting back into cycling for some and being part of a group and what that offers. Great stuff.

Also, thanks to Paula for TEC duties. She did a great job supporting everyone , and per the job description had snakes to hand around at the regroups. Well done

A wonderful continuation of the day was a Christmas lunch at the Exchange Hotel. Again great numbers and fantastic service ( as usual )

This is a time to celebrate the year and share some time with the people we enjoy our Saturday morning with so much.

There was also time to thank the many people who have taken on different roles. All this effort feeds into the overall success of the group.

Firstly a big thanks to Linda for organising the day and decorations, Linda really makes all our events a whole lot of fun

Geriant, for all his work in ordering the kits and being the main administrator of the Facebook page. This is an ongoing role and he has made sure the Facebook page is always up to date and current

David Hughes, for organising the rides and keeping them rolling along, especially by being road captain a lot of the time.

Tash, for organising and running a ladies ride each month. At times women can be a bit daunted about joining in with a new group, so this is great for ladies, our group and cycling in general

Andrea, who has been a great support of newer riders who need an extra hand, in many cases sacrificing her own ride to help out others.

Kate, who has done a fantastic  job keeping the TEC roster filled

Rob, who has planned and organised some of the more challenging rides. Always good to offer some different experiences.

David Hartland, who is organising rides which take in unsealed roads. Again adding variety and a different challenge.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for turning up for the rides. We all love the challenge, company and support. There is always a wheel on offer if you are struggling!
Thanks to everyone who has taken on the roles as TEC or ride leader, without this support for each ride, the rides would simply not happen or be  so enjoyable. There is great comradery.

A great spin off from the Wheelers is that great variety of events people go on, to be involved in.

In particular we all wanted to know at the lunch, where in the world are Alistair and Karen Sandeago?


They are in fact in Busselton, WA competing in a full ironman. We wish them all our best, another great challenge they have both been training so diligently for. A great adventure.

 ( Please note there are many more shots on the Facebook site )

So another fantastic day with the Wheelers, and merry Christmas to all.


Until next week,

Stay safe.



Paul K.


 Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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