Cracker of a day.

It was another  great Saturday  out  with the Wheelers. There were 43 riders out and everyone took on a challenge that suited them

Firstly there was a run up to Williamstown via Lyndoch return, 43kms and 382 m of climbing. Next, One Tree Hill return via the SOB, 68kms and 585m of climbing. The big challenge was out to Kapunda, returning though Seppeltsfield, 93 kms with 809 m of climbing.
So there was plenty to choose from, just pick how much of a challenge you wanted to dial up.

The longer ride set off first, heading north up to Freeling. This is always a bit of a drag as it is a steady climb. This section was taken a little bit slower than normal, as everyone knew there was still a fair hike up to Kapunda.

Here is a few of the group arriving at Freeling.

The next section though to Kapunda is always a bit of a challenge. It’s a good stretch, and a few rises to get over. Everyone  was very pleased to get to Kapunda which has plenty to offer for a regroup.

The next section between Kapunda and Tanunda is a beautiful piece of road and the first time the group has ridden it. It undulates and runs through the lovely  town of  Greenock and  vineyards through Seppeltsfield. Just a picture, especially at this time of year.

One of the big issues for the ride was how cold it was. At each stop everyone hoped they could catch some rays and warm up, but unfortunately it just stayed cool.

Here are a few at Greenock, soaking up some sunshine and some warmth.

After the final stop at Tanunda, it was a straight run back to Gawler. Overall there was a very steady pace for the whole ride with everyone happy to have completed the run, allbeit with some very ‘jelly legs’ at the end.

The only mishaps were flats for Warren and David H. With assistance from the group,  both were up and running again pretty quickly.

Well done everyone on the ride and thanks to Geraint  for leading the ride.

The middle ride also had a lot of fun. After making their way down the SOB and through Blakeview, the climbing really started  after Adams Road. This took us all the way up to Medlow and then on to the Gawler One Tree Hill Road. Everyone tackled the climbing with enthusiasm and there was not much of a gap between the leading riders and the TEC.

Here is the majority of the ride, regrouping at the top of Medlow and enjoying the view and the first bit of sunshine.

The next section was across to Cornishman’s hill then up to One Tree Hill (OTH). Going down Cornishman’s is a lot of fun, although you need to be careful of some pot holes in the top section. If you get enough momentum up, you can almost get up the other side.

Here we all are at OTH , and  with the majority of the climbing behind us, everyone was looking forward to a nice run home.

After leaving OTH we set off down Cross Hill Road. This is the first time we have ridden this road in this direction, and boy is it a lot of fun.

Uley Road made up our downhill run. What a great road to zoom down, and the views are spectacular, and pretty soon you are back in to suburbia.

The final section along the SOB was just fine as there was no wind to speak of, and before too long we were all back, with no incidents at all, just  good fun.

Thanks to Wendy who was the TEC for the day, doing a great job supporting everyone.

Here is Paula who did a great job climbing and  Wendy.

The shorter ride also had a great time. This ride was chosen to give a change from the usual SOB ride, which provides a great starting point for many riders, especially those new to riding  or after some recovery etc.

Today we had one new rider out, Helen who did this ride.

Here is Andrea, who led the ride with Helen at the ride brief. Helen has been riding for a few years, but this was her first group ride.

This ride went straight out to  Lyndoch, which is a long steady climb. As they went through Sandy Creek, the road dips down and they really felt the coldness, but that’s all good fun when riding in winter.

At Lyndoch, Helen felt she may be at her limit, but with  encouragement and support everyone rode through to Williamstown. Great stuff.

The return trip is essentially down hill, after another quick stop at Lyndoch,

It was a nice run back to Gawler. Everyone enjoyed the ride, and Helen said she had a great time and would be back. Thanks also to Colin who looped back during the ride to also help out as TEC and support everyone.

An ongoing program, the women’s cycling program being delivered by Ride-A-Bike Right is also  having great success,  with many of the participants planning to work towards joining the Wheelers.

The middle ride were able to meet up with the group as they practiced their skills, in particular riding some distance on the SOB.

Here is the group, and we hope to see them out on a ride with the Wheelers in the near future

The Wheelers are not short on encouraging new riders, plus embracing new initiatives. One that took off on Sunday was a skills section hosted by some very experienced cyclists, Andrew M, Derick T and Steve Mc.

Here is the group with Derick, Steve, Andrew  and Geraint setting the scene for the session

There was a strong turn out with the numbers split into three groups which then  went through  safe riding skills, in particular group riding. The main take home message was communication, communication and communication along with other important skills.

A fantastic initiative, which was well received, building skills that it is envisaged will be transferred  through to the whole Wheelers group. Thanks to Linda for coming up with the initial idea of having the session, a great success.

Here are some shots from the session. (There are more shots of the session on our Facebook page, well worth a look)

At the end of the SOB, still  foggy.

Great to see Michelle out again, and Steve in the background sharing his vast knowledge and experience

So a great day out with the Wheelers on the Saturday,  and a well organised  and executed skills acquisition session on the Sunday.

Well, what more can you say, a cracker of a time was had by all.

Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Great report Paul.

Certainly shows how much is going on with the riding group not only encouraging safety but always giving a diverse range of rides as well as catering for newer riders that need more experience on the bike, as well as the introduction of the female only rides that are ridden on the first Sunday of each month.

Some bike fitness is required.

You don't have to be a Gawler Wheeler to join in.

Keep up to date with what's happening within Gawler Wheelers on our fb page.


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