Roads a bit wet, but all fine.

Last weekend we called off the ride due to the forecast of rain, so it was a welcome relief to see the chance of rain essentially being zero.

It was  a little bit cool with  a hint of rain, as the 39 who were out,  got ourselves organised with the safety and ride briefs.

We had three options on, which ranged from a long ride with some series climbing, a medium ride with undulations, and a shorter ride and relatively flat. It was a day to choose the ride that best suited you.

The longer ride left first as they had 72 kms to cover with a massive 998m of climbing.
The climbing started on Kentish Rd., which always gets the legs going, especially the first section which is the steepest. Once they turned on to the Gawler One Tree Hill Road they were able to settle in to a steady pace. As the road runs along the ridge, it’s possible to take in the view of the plains and gulf on one side, and the hills in the distance in the other.

Next saw the climb up to the gates of Para Wirra Conservation Park. This is always a long drag; the road  seems to just keep on going and going. The next section was down to the South Para River, crossing over and then the back out again. The section through the river is technically very tricky, with a sharp, steep decline down and a quick climb out. If you get your gear selection wrong, you can get unstruck.

The next section out along Bassnet  Road was the major climb of the day which really saw everyone put in a big effort.

It was  welcome relief when everyone reached Williamstown, just the ticket for a regroup.

The climbing hadn’t stopped, with a quick run up to the Warren Dam, and a pretty good spot to take in the serenity.

The final leg was back down, and across to Lyndoch.

The final section back to Gawler with a smooth pace line being formed, with everyone back safe and sound. It was a great ride all round.

Thanks to Phil who led the ride.

Here he is with Nicola, who was down from Clare with partner Wayne.

The middle ride also had a great ride, covering 52 kms and 526m of climbing. We headed off first up Lyndoch Road, and although it’s a bit of a climb first off, it does warm you up quickly.

The first stop was at Lyndoch where we caught up with Kate, who was waiting for us at the Village Green.

The next section up to Tanunda can be a bit tricky with a bit of climbing coming out of Rowland Flat and a very tricky corner when it's a bit wet, just as you reach Tanunda. It was all good, in particular the climbing, with everyone settling in to a  steady  rhythm to get up the rises.

We had a good regroup at Tanunda, which is always a nice spot to stop.


Just as we were about to leave we had a flat, but  in true Wheelers form, people pitched in and it was repaired pretty quickly.

The return trip was straight back to Gawler. As it’s essentially down hill, there isn’t usually a need to stop at Lyndoch.
It was a lot of fun for the last section , with slick pace lines being set up as we had a great time chewing up the Ks

Thanks to Glen for taking on the role of TEC, doing a fantastic job, including assisting with the repairs. Great stuff.

One of the new riders on the day, was Graham who was on this ride.

He is over from Shepparton in Vic, and had a good time riding with the group. Hopefully we will catch up with him in the near future.

The other group also had a good time. This ride took in the SOB, Two Wells Road, Angle Vale Road and back via the SOB for a 40km ride and 122 m of climbing. This is a great alternative to riding on the SOB.

The ride fits neatly in to the Wheelers approach of encouraging new riders to take up the sport, being a good challenge, distance wise for new riders, and ridden at a marginally  slower pace. This provides the opportunity for new riders to build up their skills and confidence, which is exactly what happened, with two riders from the Ride-a-Bike Right program, Mel and Dianne  out for their first GW ride. It was the furthest distance both had tackled and was a new experience riding with traffic. Both did very well, including quickly picking up the calls and signals

Here is Dianne and Norm, who was TEC, back on to the SOB. Thanks Norm for being TEC, always appreciated.

It was a good ride, especially as there was no wind to speak of.

Here is the crew at a quick stop.

This opportunity is not possible without support from the group and in particular Andrea who  led the ride. Andrea was able to provide support and pass on her experience, enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you Andrea.
It was also good to see Steph out again, it’s been a while!

So well done everyone, and it’s great to see new riders taking up the sport.

Here is the crew enjoying the end of the ride.

Norm, Steph, Mel, Dianne and Andrea.

So although the roads were a bit wet, everyone rode to the conditions, and  ticked off the challenge they had set, which is great.

Until next week

Stay Safe


Paul K.


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This weeks Thank yo and appreciation awards brought too you by Gawler Wheelers and The Exchange Hotel.

Firstly thank you to all of you for turning up on a damp winters morning. Thankfully the rain held off as the weather man predicted. The roads however were quite wet from the overnight rain meaning a lot of bike cleaning was on the list of things to do on Saturday afternoon.

Our ride Captain this week all did a superb job keeping our rides on track. Andrea welcomed our new ladies on the shorter ride, Paul did a stella job with the middle ride and Newbie RC Lord Farquar AKA Phil Cartledge ran a tight "aircraft"
TEC Glen Sweet made sure we all came in safe and sound.
Thank you also to Mike Marshall who did a great job a fortnight ago on the hills ride. 
Without our RC's and TEC's our rides would not be what they are.

As mentioned above Andrea welcomed Mel and Di for their first GW ride. They completed 40km on the SOB and road. This is the longest ride and first time on the road for both ladies. Glad you enjoyed the GW experience. Will let the ladies decide who takes the wine.

This week we had Graham who was visiting from Victoria joined us for a jaunt through The Barossa. Graham is a seasoned rider and very much enjoyed his ride. He was also impressed with the social aspect after the ride and the fact that The Exchange make us so welcome. Grahams friend David will be moving to SA soon and we look forward to welcoming him also. It's great to see that interstate visitors are able to come over and select a ride to suit.

Thanks Fred !!!


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