Greetings, just curious as to what gradient peoples Edge 500 shows the beginning of Woods Hill Rd from Norton Summit to be?
Mine consistently shows 10% but would have thought that sucker was steeper than that, at least it feels it!


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Its the steepest hill climb over 10 mins in SA. It HAS to be over 10% lol!

You might be thinking of The Woodland Way with it's 20+% gradients Harley. The start of Woods Hill Rd does seem oddly steep. That may be because it is usually preceded by Norton Summit. Anyway it's probably around 10%.

13 % as u take the lefthand bend (garmin 800)

Thanks, I'll have to check it at the bend and see what it says, definitely felt steeper than 10% as other climbs I've seen 10% on don't feel as bad

Go easy on what the Edge tells you, as I think it depends on a few factors to get an accurate reading, starting with what satellites are available (affected by tree cover), then how fast you're moving (ie if you stop there is no gradient). I tend to use it as a "ball park" type guide, and let the legs judge what's really going on!

Is that a Strava segment?

Where or how in Strava can you see the gradient of a portion of a climb?
I can only see average gradient of an entire segment
You can see gradient on the "performance" graph for your ride or segment. When you hold the mouse over the line, it gives you more detail.

Hey, thanks for the reply Fraser, when I go to the Performance page of the Woods Hill segment and hold the mouse on the graph, I get a pop up showing speed, cadence, power, altitude etc but no gradient.

Is there an option to turn it on, is this the paid version of Strava?


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