Recently I've been having problems with my heart rate monitor and Edge 800. When I go for a ride I get really low figures. For example when I went for a 3 hour ride yesterday and my Garmin had my average heart rate at 40bpm, sometimes it dropped to zero. 

Has anyone had this problem? I'm not sure if it is the strap, HRM or the Edge 800 itself.

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great tip, thanks Matty C - if the next one doesnt last i'll give that option a shot, nothing to lose...

What a good & interesting read. 

Thanks for posting it.

I tried the Polar strap, made no difference with mine unfortunately although I do find it more comfortable than the Garmin premium strap. Tried a new battery as well.

I dont get eratic readings, mine just goes blank for approx 5 seconds then comes back again. I see it do that pretty regularly (10+ times per ride), so I guess it does it more often that what I am seeing. Doesnt show up on the graph in Garmin Connect etc so not sure if its being averaged.

My Polar monitor worked flawlessly for 8 years, dissapointing with the Garmin. Not sure if it's the HRM montitor itself or the Edge 500


Thanks alot, Matty. Ordering a Polar monitor now.

it worked for me too!

You are experiencing a problem with your Garmin Edge 800??!

Why am I not surprised?  Join the club of thousands!  What a waste of $600!!!

I bought mine in August last year and had nothing but problems.  Bicycle Express, where I bought it, didn't really want to be bothered with it. When I consider what I paid for it, I would have thought that any retailer would bend over backwards to replace the faulty unit straight away.

I emailed Garmin a several times, only to receive an email stating that they had received my email.  No reply with solutions ever came.  

I spent hours wading though Garmin forums full of disgruntled Garmin users, whose Garmins and  monitors were playing up.  These  forums detailed the sorts of things Manimal said he found, "reposition them up/down/on your back, wash them, change battery, static from jersey blowing in wind, put honey on them, soft restart your garmin, write them poetry, etc".  I also read comments by some of these Garmin customers (in the USA, not just here)  who were sick to death of the problems and lack of help from Garmin. 

I just threw the strap in a box somewhere and tried to forget about it.  My Garmin plays up so much any way that wish I had never bought it.  I feel that I would like to take a hammer to it and get one of those cheap, reliable little bike computers that just give the basics a cyclist needs.

Im a happy Garmin 500 user. Two years of use, two rides per week and I've had no issues. I had to replace the battery in the hrm once.

Just wondering if you've had another rider try yours out? A heart rate monitor doesn't work on my wife.

Thanks for that info.  No, I haven't had anyone else try it out.  I did see in all my reading on those forums, that many said they had upgraded from the Garmin 705 to the 800, only to find all these problems with the monitor.  Some said that they got out the old strap from the 705 and it worked fine with the 800, so no more problems for them.  Unfortunately, the 800 was the first and only one I've ever had.

Maybe us females just don't have a heart...?

Katrina Why not write a list of issues you have had with the Garmin and Bicycle Express. Make an appointment with the manager of Bicycle Express present him with the list, if he doesn't give an acceptable response present him with a copy of the letter that you intend to send to Consumer Affairs. You paid for something, it doesn't work you're entitled to your money back if they can't make it work. I had issues with another bike shop years ago, spokes on brand new bike kept breaking, after much toing and froing I threatened them with consumer affairs, it worked.

Thank you Clive.  I will dig up the strap and go after some consumer satisfaction.  

When I upgraded from the 705 to the 800, I kept the so called "standard" strap, mainly because it's sturdier than the "premium" strap, which is similar to the fabric Polar strap. I've never had any problems with it, and the other advantage is that it can be stored as 1 piece (I was constantly misplacing the clip on monitor unit on my old Polar), so now it's just clip and go - no hunting around for the monitor. It never produces spikes in heartrate measurements like the Polar strap did either.

I don't find the rubber strap of the "standard" any less comfortable than the fabric strap of the "premium"; it's also a bit cheaper.

I have had an 800 since they first came out and it has performed faultlessly apart from the initial low calorie readings, fixed by a firmware upgrade, but the same can't be said about the HR strap, I have had 3, last one a Polar strap, and they all failed the same way with first a drop in the reading then a complete drop out. One of my Sons has a Polar monitor and he told me what he does.

You must soak the contact areas thoroughly under the tap, not just until they look wet but alternately for at least 2 minutes total so that water runs down your chest when you put it on then after a ride take it in the shower and rub the contact areas for a bit but don't scrunch it up or put it in the washing machine. I believe it is the salts that get into the strap through the contacts that is the problem.

My failing Polar came good after about 3 washes and has been faultless since.

A long ride will dry it out with the wind blowing through your jersey or maybe it's just my chicken chest.


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