Recently I've been having problems with my heart rate monitor and Edge 800. When I go for a ride I get really low figures. For example when I went for a 3 hour ride yesterday and my Garmin had my average heart rate at 40bpm, sometimes it dropped to zero. 

Has anyone had this problem? I'm not sure if it is the strap, HRM or the Edge 800 itself.

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I've got the Edge 800 as well, and sometimes it plays up with the heart rate readings.  Especially when 30 minutes to an hour before I go for a ride, I put the heart rate strap on while getting dressed.  Then once I'm ready to ride, I turn my GPS on and wet the terminals on my chest and set off at an easy warm up pace.  But apparently after a couple of minutes, my beats per minute is already over 200!  So I stop and try reseting it etc but doesn't do anything to fix it.  So I just ride and after a while, it sorts itself out.


Pain in the butt sometimes.  But other than that, I highly recommend the unit to others

Question for those with "issues" , are you also carrying a Mobile thats turned on ?

I noticed that my Polar unit went haywire when I mounted the iphone on the handlebars next to the base unit, took it off the mount and in the back pocket , no issues.

Maybe the garmin units are more sensitive to mobile interference.

I have just started getting erratic high or low, or no readings (and occasionally normal) from my Garmin Heart Rate --- what have people done that has been successful?

How long to batteries last - average 2 rides over 6 months -- surely it can;t be flat already?

Should I take it back?

Should I buy some conductive gel instead of using "spit"?

Is it an original hard strap or 'premium soft' strap monitor?

I have a hard strap monitor that I've had to replace the battery once in 18 months and nearly 13,000 km of riding. It started taking longer and longer to begin picking up my heart rate (more moisture required) a new battery fixed things up.

I've heard that the premium monitors cloth electrodes can accumulate a build-up of salt (sweat) and need a good soak to clean them from time to time. High readings are usually attributed to jersey flap. I have experienced neither with the hard strap monitor.

It is the premium soft strap .... maybe time for a good clean 

You really need to wash the heart rate monitor in warm soapy water. If you get any much (may not Even be visible) on the contacts it will start reading low or high. Best to rinse after each use. They don't last for ever. It may be beyond saving if not cleaned regularly. I think they call it the deluxe strap is definitely best.

ensure strap in fitted on you first before turning garmin on too

i also see people wearing the strap too low, just below your nipple should work best

I've done all the suggested things with the Garmin 500, but still get regular dropouts. I originally had the Garmin premium strap and now have the Polar strap, tried wearing it upside down, on my side and back, wash it regular, new battery etc etc but still get the drop outs. I think for me it is to do with electrical interference, possibly power lines. There is one spot on Norton Summit road that I see it drop out all the time. I don't get irregular readings, other than some cooler days where it may take a while to get going and then slowly gets up to speed, but once working, the readings always seem accurate, other than going blank every so often for 5 seconds. I guess I've given up on it now.

My main issue now is that the menu button doesn't work, started intermittent and has gotten progressively worse to the pont where it barely works at all. Looks like a warranty claim for me....

Maybe, not really sure, hopefully i get a replacement under warranty and will see
Well, I had my Edge 500 replaced under warranty for a button problem, the HR still drops out as before, upgraded to V3 firmware the other day and it still happens, so I guess thats it.
Doesnt surprize me....should be able to install from the box and have it work.....noticed that the speed doesnt record very well ....have it recording at less than 5km/hr whilst going down hill for brief periods....the polar cs 200 is more accurate


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