Not happy - thought I felt and heard something fall off my bike as I flying down a hill. Stopped looked around, checked everything and finally realised my Garmin Edge 500 wasn't there.


Turned around and started heading back up the road. A car was coming down and I was praying silently that it didn't run over the Garmin Edge 500 unit. I found it, battered and bruised on the side of the road - a little worse for wear.  


The tugs that are used to hold it onto the base unit had broken off :(


So I road home with the unit in my back pocket, not sure about how fast etc I was going. It still tracked everything, but I can't mount it on the bike.


I hunted around on the Garmin Website and raised a support email that went I think to the US. After hunting around a little further I found an email address for Garmin Australasia and sent a little email through with the attached image. They suggested I ring Garmin Customer Support. Which I did, and was placed on hold for > 15 minutes.


They told me I was going to need proof-of-purchase otherwise I was going to have to purchase a new replacement unit. I informed them that I was presently on the Gold Coast and wouldn't be able to get back to search for the receipt for a while and that I cycled daily. Cutting a long story short, they are concerned that people are purchasing these devices etc on ebay and don't provide warranty support in those cases. I said I'd registered the device online. They said that didn't really matter as the device could of been stolen (i'll let you work out what that says about the Garmin Registration process). In any event I asked for the information to be sent through in an email. This was done, with a link to the overseas warranty  (does anyone know if this overseas warranty is relevant and lawful in Australia?)


Now I'm chasing down with the local bike shop that I bought it from to get a copy of the Garmin Edge 500 receipt emailed to me. I registered the unit, June 15th 2010, so it should still be under warranty. They are trying to tell me also that the warranty does not cover physical damage. I'm thinking there wouldn't have been physical damage, if the mounting points didn't break under normal wear and tear. So we will see what happens. I'll keep you posted!


As you all know, I've really enjoyed my Garmin Edge 500 and post the stats on twitter and to a blog that is used to update my profile on here. So potentially not having this device active for a while will impact me a bit. I'm thinking there is going to be a lot of dicking around - maybe I should just ask for a price to get a Garmin Edge 800 (but it has the same mount point)?


What experience have others had for warranty related issues from Garmin Australasia? Have the experiences been good or bad?

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glad to see you Jim :)
U getting above 30 KM/H yet Rob?
Does "NOT FAST ENOUGH" fit on those little displays? That'd be motivating.
Nasty. Google suggests you are not alone.

That link might help if you they try and tell you it has never happened before. It hadn't struck me until I saw your photo that the way the design is both lugs need to hold or it will fall out. No redundancy.
Those photos look identical to mine - inclusive of the tug/lug still in the black mount point.

Going off-topic now but that link I found has some very funny comments about not using bicycle computers



A discussion on the Garmin forums about this issue



Yes, it will "impact" you - you'll go uphill slightly faster, and pay more attention to where you're going rather than the pretty numbers, so maybe avoiding, er, impact with a parked car.

Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

I guess I find it a bit interesting that I have a Garmin Edge 500 and don't run red lights.  So if I am looking at the pretty numbers and not running red lights, I wonder what the excuse for those who do not look at pretty numbers , for running Red traffic lights.  Any thoughts.

Hey Nick

Looks like a design fault to me - something bit more product development and user acceptance tests usually sort out - unfortunately (as we both know) products are released to market to be tested and refined through customer feedback and "real-world" testing - something that we as consumers do ALL the time - even if we don't know we are doing it!

I would say that if you bought this as Australian stock through an Australian retailer then you should have no warranty issues, especially if this failure is a known fault with the product. Very frustrating though - as consumers - especially of goods that we expect to have some sort of longevity and that we enjoy using, we don't expect them to break and then be told that it is normal wear and tear even though it has only been used for a few months. What a load of s**t!

I would be interested if this fault is related to the unit / mount interface and how often you take the unit on and off the bike and whether this has weakened these tabs?

Garmin would do well to listen to such feedback. As a market leader in these sort of gadgets they would do well not to become complacent - especially in the post-sales customer-care of highend niche consumer products that are marketed to people who generally have a fair disposable income and like to upgrade!!

End rant....

This worst thing sometimes about these situations is the wait while you send in the product and they send out a new one.  It's their stuff up but you have to have the inconvenience.  I returned an iPhone once under warranty and for a small fee they charged my credit card for a new one, shipped me the new one and I shipped the broken one back and then they reversed the credit card after they decided it was a warranty job.
Polar have a similar policy, they even list the websites on their site that they will not honour warranties from. Basically if you buy here you are protected, otherwise tough. Bit unfair that sometimes we pay more than double what some countries do for the same thing.


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