There's a report going up to a Council committee on Tuesday presenting the options for Frome Street.  BISA has extracted the report from the agenda document and has put it on it's website.  (It's still about 6MB, but has pictures of the options.)

(I don't have much luck with links, but you can find a post about it on the bisa home page.)

The favoured option for the new bit, between Pirie and North Terrace, is for a "Copenhagen" style separated bike lane that's halfway between road height and footpath height, 2m wide. The kerb would be about 5cm high, so if cambered a bit you could ride quite close to it without striking your pedal.

The preferred option for the existing bit (south of Pirie) is to reduce the existing width from 2.7m to 2m, but this time still with the 10cm high kerbs, so would be effectively narrower. Probably not wide enough to overtake, so you'd be stuck behind slow cyclists.  The report tells council that the proposed design won't meet existing capacity standards for peak periods.

Probably better to stick to the road.

They also propose a shared use path for the new bit along Le Fevre Terrace.  I know the Lord Mayor already gets a lot of complaints from pedestrians and cyclists complaining about the other on shared use paths.  He's obviously a glutton for punishment, especially it is designed to be used by school kids accessing the new high school on Frome Road.

The good news is that the report is only for putting stuff out to consultation.  We've been told we'll be able to try the different options at a site in the parklands.

Does anyone know of any other council anywhere in the world that had put in and then taken out a separated bike lane twice?  I think that record of incompetence justifies the State government taking over, especially given it's the centre of the state we are talking about, and given that Council is going against the advice it has commissioned.

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Well... there's no separation or green paint there. Possibly an honest mistake, made easier to do by confusing signage.

Yep, that's why unbroken solid reinforced metre tall concrete barriers are the only real protection from moron motorists.

Just out of curiosity, was the car turning left or right into the road?

It was travelling north along Frome, I was travelling south. They did a right hand turn and had to stop to avoid running over me.

The lane looks very narrow outside the Mantra/Andre's Cucina, presumably for guests arriving/leaving the hotel by taxi with luggage.


Interesting. Shouldn't be a huge hassle for that small area. It's much better than riding on the road-side of cars dropping people off anyway, and worrying about the doors!

The new bit is a bit bumpy with joins like footpaths (but not as wide).  New bitumen at Southern road bit is smooth.  Quite narrow at points.


With the breaks I found that really hard to follow. So there's a new section between Grenfell and Pirie - rather narrow, but it's only one block. And then what? It used to be 4 blocks of bikeway (from Pirie to Carrington) - has any of that changed (apart from temporary closure due to building works)?

Below is a longer version.  Two time speed or 8 times depending on boredom.  The break at 0:25 is where I turned right at Flinders for work, then restarts turning right from Flinders into Frome.  Grenfell to Pirie is new.  Wakefield to Carrington has been ripped up and repaved (bumpier than the smooth new bitumen on the adjacent road).

I rode it tonight, going south. The new bit is Grenfell to Pirie, and though it wasn't finished, what was there seemed ok. There is no room to overtake, which I don't think will matter for only one block.

The next 2 blocks (Pirie to Wakefield) seem to be unchanged (nice and wide).

Then the southernmost two blocks (Wakefield to Carrington) are still being redone. They're possibly a little narrower than before, but it seems like there's still room to overtake another bike.

I'd better check by tyre pressure because it didn't seem bumpy to me!

So we have two new parts of the bikeway basically done: the new stretch from Pirie St to Grenfell St, and the refurbished stretch from Carrington St to Wakefield St.

Work appears to be finished on both sections. I've ridden them a few times now and am impressed. The new section in particular does take out a significant amount of stress in my ride to/from North Tce, even if it doesn't allow me to ride at blazing fast speeds (which funnily enough I had to ride at before the bikeway was installed so as not to get in the way of traffic).

In the article above it suggests we might have an official opening sometime soon. The Mayor is quoted as saying “I look forward to the bikeway extending further north later this year to the new city high school under construction and to North Adelaide.” Well, so am I. I hope it doesn't take too long is all!

Ive ridden it too and yes its a big improvement. 

What do you think our chances are of getting a green bike light at Grenfell St to get cyclists clear of traffic while they wait to build the next section?


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