There's a report going up to a Council committee on Tuesday presenting the options for Frome Street.  BISA has extracted the report from the agenda document and has put it on it's website.  (It's still about 6MB, but has pictures of the options.)

(I don't have much luck with links, but you can find a post about it on the bisa home page.)

The favoured option for the new bit, between Pirie and North Terrace, is for a "Copenhagen" style separated bike lane that's halfway between road height and footpath height, 2m wide. The kerb would be about 5cm high, so if cambered a bit you could ride quite close to it without striking your pedal.

The preferred option for the existing bit (south of Pirie) is to reduce the existing width from 2.7m to 2m, but this time still with the 10cm high kerbs, so would be effectively narrower. Probably not wide enough to overtake, so you'd be stuck behind slow cyclists.  The report tells council that the proposed design won't meet existing capacity standards for peak periods.

Probably better to stick to the road.

They also propose a shared use path for the new bit along Le Fevre Terrace.  I know the Lord Mayor already gets a lot of complaints from pedestrians and cyclists complaining about the other on shared use paths.  He's obviously a glutton for punishment, especially it is designed to be used by school kids accessing the new high school on Frome Road.

The good news is that the report is only for putting stuff out to consultation.  We've been told we'll be able to try the different options at a site in the parklands.

Does anyone know of any other council anywhere in the world that had put in and then taken out a separated bike lane twice?  I think that record of incompetence justifies the State government taking over, especially given it's the centre of the state we are talking about, and given that Council is going against the advice it has commissioned.

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if that's the design then expect more accidents. Cars coming out of side streets or driveways (not familiar with that particular part of Frome St). They'll just rush out past the car parks, to see oncoming traffic & anything else, that happens to be in their way, will be collateral damage.

With respect to how cars exit the smaller side streets, it will be little different to how it is today.

The vast majority of drivers have already adapted well to checking for the bike lane, crossing it when clear and then waiting for the gap on the road. 

True, and many do do the right thing. I just have personal experience with situations like that, being hit and because of that I'm not a fan of separated bicycle lanes.

I was wondering why they were digging up the concrete blocks and loading them into a truck this morning.

The new bit looks quite narrow to my eye 

Well if you make it sufficiently narrow then no-one will use it and you can rip it all up after the next election.

 IIRC this exact scenario was predicted here on AC many moons ago. :(

I guess that was to be expected. That's what most of the debate a year ago was about.

We recently moved office so I had the chance to try out our lovely Frome St bikeway. Nothing from North Tce, then blocked due to roadworks, then a nice clear section where I almost got run over by a car turning, then roadworks, and then it ended.

I might just stick to the parklands.

The bloke delivering strawberries was keen to use the bike lane 

Was there an obvious company name on the van? An employer can be unhappy to learn of a driver flouting ARR, the poor PR, and even risk of crash and paperwork hassles.

Once I encountered an armoured van going the wrong way down a one-way street which is a bikedirect route. No photographic evidence required because companies track their armoured vans.

No name unfortunately.


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