I've been riding the improved Frome Street bikeway this week, -- Frome 2.0

and I have to say it's a big improvement. the path itself ins't much of a change (concrete instead of Bitumen) but the entry and exits are so much better.

With the previous version [Frome 1.0], I would get beeped at least once a week by left turning drivers who felt I was diving off the footpath unexpectedly. Now with the wider concrete exits it's more of a safer merge.

I'm a big enough man to admit that ACC got it right this time.  A very rare Thankyou goes to ACC

I have also noticed that cars parking on that road (especially during the no standing in peak hours) are proving to be very frustrating for motorists (as they are for cyclists when they park in the bike lane). 

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there's some "fun" interaction in your video. luckily I dont see as much of this as you do.

Unfortunately due to the road it has a mix of everything, ie peds, stop lights, taxi etc.

This is probably why I still ride KW road on my commute, I know I annoy the buses being there but I don't have to worry about taxi drop offs, peds stay off the road, lights are sync better, everyone is travelling in the same direction.

The fun was over 3 months.  I had it all today.

Parked today - blocking bike lane and footpath.

Ah yes, I saw the same thing happen earlier this week as cars wait to enter the lobby area. Not sure what can be done here - as you note, they are obstructing both the bike lane AND footpath!

My immediate thought is the driver could have parked in the free car parks behind the car in the picture or the free car parks where I was standing.  The white van was parked with no driver in front of a closed roller door.

Clearly many people haven't the faintest idea how to park or drive within marked spaces. Apart from mandating autonomous vehicles, I have no idea how you get these people to have consideration for other road users. I have a clearly marked parking place in front of my house and it amuses me how few first time users can work it out.

I think youll find those people are guests at the hotel and they have to stop and enter a pin number the open the roller door.

The only way to fix it is for the hotel to give the guest a remote control so the parked time is reduce to seconds.

I think its a Council thing to make them change.

Ah, having a closer look on Street view, it seems like it's not the fault of the guests here, but rather the van who has parked and left their car and thus blocked the hotel entry. Though of course, the guests should still probably not be blocking the footpath and bike path...

The car was empty and parked behind a white workvan which also had no driver.


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