I've been riding the improved Frome Street bikeway this week, -- Frome 2.0

and I have to say it's a big improvement. the path itself ins't much of a change (concrete instead of Bitumen) but the entry and exits are so much better.

With the previous version [Frome 1.0], I would get beeped at least once a week by left turning drivers who felt I was diving off the footpath unexpectedly. Now with the wider concrete exits it's more of a safer merge.

I'm a big enough man to admit that ACC got it right this time.  A very rare Thankyou goes to ACC

I have also noticed that cars parking on that road (especially during the no standing in peak hours) are proving to be very frustrating for motorists (as they are for cyclists when they park in the bike lane). 

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This is a great idea. Maybe there are reasons why it isn’t the case currently, but surely it could be suggested to council?

Paul, not good, and again police fail to take action when inconsiderate driving threatens cyclist safety.
My recollection is a few years ago you were injured in a hit-run, had photographic evidence plus the rego, and police took no action, even when publicised by the media.
If an authority does decide to take action, you have a good camera set-up. What are the details?

I had someone do that to me on Frome St yesterday. I was actually thinking about your video as I approached the intersection so was ready to stop when he cut me off. He slowed afterwards and had his arm out the window, don't know whether it was an apology or a get stuffed, my rear camera was out of battery by that stage unfortunately.

Nope. The only solution is to remove any confusion by having having all vehicles having to give way when left turning for any vehicles/pedistrians going straight. No matter whether they are in front or not, indicating or not.

Works a treat in Europe. Obviously requires som training/information to drivers.

No need to reinvent. 

I think he saw me 

This whole Frome Street bikeway thing is just ridiculous . I've just come back from one month in Japan, riding nearly every day . Most of the riding is on the footpath , occasionally on the road if the footpath is far too congested .

There are hundreds , if not thousands of people riding and walking on the footpaths. Zebra crossings and pedestrian crossings everywhere. Bikes give way to pedestrians , vehicles give way to bikes and pedestrians. They just respect each other.   Everyone, ( including school children) rides, walks or catches public transport. Almost no one wears a helmet. I did not see any overweight people . When are we going to learn ?


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