I've been riding the improved Frome Street bikeway this week, -- Frome 2.0

and I have to say it's a big improvement. the path itself ins't much of a change (concrete instead of Bitumen) but the entry and exits are so much better.

With the previous version [Frome 1.0], I would get beeped at least once a week by left turning drivers who felt I was diving off the footpath unexpectedly. Now with the wider concrete exits it's more of a safer merge.

I'm a big enough man to admit that ACC got it right this time.  A very rare Thankyou goes to ACC

I have also noticed that cars parking on that road (especially during the no standing in peak hours) are proving to be very frustrating for motorists (as they are for cyclists when they park in the bike lane). 

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I rode it (as much as what's there) on Sunday and agree it's quite good. It just needs a few more bits done!

Yes the Rundle St / Grenfell St section is great to ride on.

Yes, I love what I've tried so far. The width seems adequate for overtaking, and I don't mind the narrowness in front of the hotel etc as its only for a tiny section.

While I occasionally encounter people walking on the bike path, I believe this will get better as the bikeway comes into full use and people expect it to be there. Some prominent signs on the path at pedestrian crossings may help though - even something like those 'look right' signs they have in Sydney!

I finally tried it. One block to go! (North Terrace to Rundle Street). 

Don't forget down the hill to the new high school !

So today I was able to ride along the whole length of the bike way on both sides. It’s not fully complete yet, but so close! The YourFutureAdelaide website has been updated to say they will be installing a bike counter on the corner of Pirie and Frome St too. Exciting! 

I think this is the bike counter wrapped in plastic

This is from the last 3 months.  I don't use it every weekday, probably 6 times a week.  Most days, nothing to see except feeling nervous at each intersection.  

Ah yeah, hopefully the shrubs will help with some of the people walking over the lane / cars parking on it. The rest will hopefully come with time. Maybe you need an educational sticker at hand to place on cars parked in the bikelane? :P

Obviously some bad ones there, but I'm genuinely unsure: who is meant to give way in a car-turning-left turn situation, like 0:59 and 1:18?

If it was a painted on-road bike lane, I believe the answer is the bicycle gives way, because the car can legitimately claim the lane, and a bicycle cannot undertake a car which is in the act of turning left. But here I'm not so sure. (Is it like a footpath cyclist, and the car gives way in the same way as they must give way to pedestrians?)

Personally, I proceed with caution and generally give way whether I'm driving or riding!

I am a bit confused about the law.  Motorists are also confused.  Caution is a good approach.

Peter and Paul, you will realise that it depends on the exact circumstances.

For example, when a car in front is stopped at red traffic lights with their left indicator on, a cyclist can ride up to the traffic lights, but must give way to the turning vehicle. When a cyclist is approaching a green traffic light, a faster vehicle must not overtake the cyclist, to cut left across the cyclist's path.

I won't try to quote the rules for all situations, e.g. left slip lanes. Suffice to say, the rules would be much clearer if a turning vehicle always gave way to a cyclist. The road rules encourage drivers, when turning, to give way to pedestrians.


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