Traders on Flinders & Franklin St are complaining about the new bike route. No plans yet for changes but expect discussion to head that way!

(this is a paywall article. I often get round that by typing the title of the article into google i.e. "city traders want backpedal on bikeway")

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>I'll be grabbing an O- Bike and doing laps of George Street next time I get home for a visit.

Come on, we are talking about the worst city, in the worst state in the worst country in the world for riding bicycles. Of course bicycles are going to be banned from George Street!! Cars, trucks, motorcycles, no problem, it's just those terrible, dangerous, non polluting 10kg bicycles.

Another brilliant plan shot down in flames. I guess I should have expected that would happen the way things are in Sydney at the moment.

Although last time I was there in October, there were heaps of people out and about on O-bikes and Reddy Go bikes, no helmets etc. No issues that I saw and cops ignoring them.


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