Traders on Flinders & Franklin St are complaining about the new bike route. No plans yet for changes but expect discussion to head that way!

(this is a paywall article. I often get round that by typing the title of the article into google i.e. "city traders want backpedal on bikeway")

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I'm sure I've seen a report that discusses the choice of Flinders/Franklin because it doesn't have the bus routes of the other E/W options and doesn't interfere with the Central market loading operations. Any further South was not where cyclists wanted to travel.

Found it:

"Flinders and Franklin streets, by contrast, are already more popular with cyclists, feature no bus stops and 80 per cent more end-of-trip facilities in adjacent buildings for cyclists. The route also has a greater potential for widened footpaths and more street trees."

"However a Flinders-Franklin separated bikeway would require “changes to traffic and parking arrangements (which) will cause concern to some members of the community”

Thanks for that. Relevant points:

* There's nothing to support the petition's claim that 90% of on-street parking will be lost. And if some angle parking is lost it's no big deal, at least at the eastern end (Pulteney to Hutt St), because p.14 of the report says utilisation of those angle parking spaces is quite low (40-60%).

* However I do think their concerns about outdoor dining are valid. On p.19: It says "Is likely to have impacts to existing on-street dining areas".

But surely there is a way around this. e.g. the bike lane could be narrowed while it does a chicane around the outdoor dining areas.

A slight narrowing of all lanes (including bike lanes) would be enough to get it past the dining area you showed on the previous page.

Weaving everything across a little and removing the filter lane for right turns could also get it around there.


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