Traders on Flinders & Franklin St are complaining about the new bike route. No plans yet for changes but expect discussion to head that way!

(this is a paywall article. I often get round that by typing the title of the article into google i.e. "city traders want backpedal on bikeway")

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I call BS.
"trader(s)" (ie plural) in the headline. Cr Antic has searched long and hard and found one bloke who doesn't realise that people would most likely much rather enjoy alfresco dining with bicycles going past rather than loud and smoky cars and buses. Besides, studies have shown that traders frequently over-estimate the amount of business that arrives by car.

Antic is such an anti cycling grub. He and his partner in crime Moran can go for a lap of the city on a seatless bike as far as I'm concerned. 

I doubt it will be killed off - certainly if that article is the only base of evidence. I mean, it was only just announced, and supposedly it needs to be done by the middle of next year! 


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