Traders on Flinders & Franklin St are complaining about the new bike route. No plans yet for changes but expect discussion to head that way!

(this is a paywall article. I often get round that by typing the title of the article into google i.e. "city traders want backpedal on bikeway")

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I call BS.
"trader(s)" (ie plural) in the headline. Cr Antic has searched long and hard and found one bloke who doesn't realise that people would most likely much rather enjoy alfresco dining with bicycles going past rather than loud and smoky cars and buses. Besides, studies have shown that traders frequently over-estimate the amount of business that arrives by car.

Antic is such an anti cycling grub. He and his partner in crime Moran can go for a lap of the city on a seatless bike as far as I'm concerned. 

I doubt it will be killed off - certainly if that article is the only base of evidence. I mean, it was only just announced, and supposedly it needs to be done by the middle of next year!

So I saw this post on Facebook. Apparently the traders are going around making a petition against the bikeway. That is their right, and I do not hold it against them. But perhaps we could create a petition FOR the bikeway? Not sure how we would- maybe others here are more experienced at this. Would we stand next to the frome bikeway and collect signatures?
The only way to fight this sort of hysterical rubbish is with facts. We need to bombard their Facebook post with links to studies that show how bikeways improve trade for adjacent businesses.

Not a study as such (though there are a few out there), and not from Australia, but this is a real world example of what can happen when a bike lane goes in.

Funny that the first paragraph is almost a carbon copy of the facebook post.

Given that there are an increasing number of apartments in that area, and the likelihood that residents would walk there, I wonder just how much of that venue's custom is from people 'who enjoy driving or parking their car'? The most recent image from Google Street View (August 2016) shows a well-customed outdoor area, but with relatively few occupied car spaces. The notion that the business needs car parking to survive isn't borne out by the evidence presented in that image.

Sound good! Let’s keep a level head though - getting upset or lecturing people tends to shut down any chance of a reasonable discussion.

To be fair to the traders, I can understand their position. The businesses they run are their livelihoods and in many cases a passion project. They are fearful that the ACC will not get this right which has the potential to harm their businesses quite spectacularly. If the street becomes a building site for 6+ months how are they supposed to be enthused by that prospect? and lets be honest, the ACC didn't get FSB right the first time(still haven't got it right).

Into the vacuum of information Cr Antic appears to be harnessing the latent distrust of the ACC to continue his anti-cycling bent. Cr Housam Abiad appears to be a voice of reason here. pointing out to traders on FB that nothing has been decided and nothing has been designed or put out for consultation. 

I'm not on FB, but from my little knowledge about it someone would have to create a page. Does adelaidecyclists have a FAB page, otherwise I suggest the administrators of this site set up a FB page and then it would be a matter of posting the link to the discussion of the traders' page, frequently do people start see the alternative.

Happy to do some research for information about the economic benefits of cycling to main streets and mainstreet traders.

Wayne, there was an ACC report, likely between 2014 and 2016, about shopping in Rundle Mall and either Hutt of Frome. Found that businesses over-estimated the customers who used cars. Have not quickly found the report, but found some others.

An Independent Evaluation of the Frome Street Bikeway
By Studio Huss and CDM Research
On behalf of Adelaide City Council, June 2015
If this link does not work
seek in ACC agendas and minutes for all public meetings at

Economically Successful Cities Favour Space-efficient Modes
By Todd Litman
Posted on Planetizen on 10-Mar-2014
... Using sidewalk interviews they found that 31% walked, 26% took public transit, 23% arrived by automobile, and 17% cycled to downtown that day. When asked about their expenditures, 74% of walkers, 68% of cyclists, 67% of bus riders and only 65% of motorists reported spending more than $100 downtown during a typical month. A survey of business managers indicates that they tend to underestimate the portion of their customers who walk, bicycle and use public transit. These results are consistent with other studies which find that, contrary to common perception, automobile customers are often a minority in urban commercial centres. ...

The Time-Area Concept: Development, Meaning and Applications – authors Eric Bruun & Vukan Vuchic – year 1995 – Transportation Research Record 1499, Transportation Research Board, pp. 95-104

(Wayne, with copy and paste the above links failed.) 

Also, Cr Phil Martin bombed my letterbox with a note about a "traffic & parking problems in North Adelaide" meeting & workshop

Tue 21/11 @ 5.30pm @ Colonel Light room, Town Hall. (Ironic that north adelaideans have to go all the way to town hall for a meeting about traffic & parking - probably expects us to drive there and park @UPark).

Residents could catch a bus.

Thanks for all the links, Heather... That's my work done. Will you do the FB page too, since I'm not on it ;-)

What do you mean by residents could catch a bus? Are you referring to the free shuttle? My wife & I have contemplated that a few times, but walking to the stop, waiting & then walking home from the stop would probably not be much more time efficienct than walking the entire distance.


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