I'm thinking of taking 4-5 days off to cycle the Fleurieu.


Had in mind doing about 80-100kms per day, with panniers, but probably staying in B&B rather than camping.  Maybe roughly Adelaide to Strath, Goolwa, Normanville, McLaren Vale, Adelaide, avoiding main roads.


To save me the effort of working out a good, relatively quiet route, with overnight stops at good locations, anyone know of a site or book which has recommended cycling routes for such a tour.


Alternatively, any suggestions for good cycling roads and good value cyclist friendly accommodation welcome.


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Are you looking to stay on bitumen?  Either way, I can make some suggestions.  I use the SES 1:50,000 book of maps of the Adelaide Hills to plan my rides.  I don't take the book itself - too heavy.  Which route would you want to leave Adelaide by e.g Eagle on the Hill, Norton Summit, Veloway etc.

I live in Malvern, so was thinking of heading up the freeway bike path - Eagle on the Hill to Crafers. The other option is to head down to say Glenelg, and fo south down the coast.  Yes, mainly bitumen. My bike is a MTB but mainly designed for road touring. Could handle a bit of dirt path if necessary.

From Crafers take the Picadilly Rd, Old Mt Barker Rd, Gould Rd, then Aldgate, Aldgate Valley Rd to Mylor, then Echunga, Macclesfield, then Devereux St, Pound Rd, Schmidt Rd and Paris Creek Rd to Strath. From Strath take the Milnes Rd/Dry Plains Rd south to Finniss, then Winery Rd to Currency Creek. Then either the main road or Airstrip Rd and Boettcher Rd to the coast. From there to Victor H on the coastal track, then via the Waitpinga Rd to the west. At the top of the range find Mt Robinson Rd, one of my all time fave dirt roads. It runs on a spine of the peninsula for a few k's. Then via Dairy Flat Rd, Hay Flat Rd. From Normanville around the Myponga reservoir via Forktree Rd. Then to Pages Flat Rd to Louds Hill Rd and Range Rd, find a b&b around Willunga. Then bike trails back home! I have a CFS map book you can borrow if you like. Or buy the 1:50 000 maps from Mapland and keep them, they are a valuable resource.

Thanks J.R. That's a good summary. Sounds like I should get the 1:50 000 maps.  I'll message you re those CFS books



Good route from Jilden, not familiar with the roads Strath to Goolwa.  Mt Robinson Rd looks a beauty after Victor - went past that in March when I took the Back Valley Rd-Tugwell Rd option to get to VH (so next time).  That was good, though some rougher sections.

I like Ayers Hill - Milan Tce route from Crafers to Aldgate, then Aldgate Valley of course to Mylor.  An alternative from there is:

2-3 kms out of Mylor, right into Glen Bold - becomes Diggings Rd. Right into Berry, becomes Field. Right into McHenry, becomes Pocock - unsealed lane but smooth. Left into Razorback, left into Battunga and quick right into Kondoparinga to Meadows.  Head for Strath via Stacy Rd, left into Paris Creek Rd.

If there's headwinds on the Strath to Goolwa day, could go Ashbourne Rd, left into Strath Rd, left into Signal Flat Rd, right into Braeside, cross main drag into Gilbert Siding Rd, right into Winery Rd.

Whichever way you go, interested in hearing of it.  Good riding.

Thanks Brian. Will be a few weeks before I do it, but will try to put up a report.

If you haven't done it by the 28th September drop in on the Adelaide Touring Cyclists meeting, 7.30pm at the SW Community Centre, Adelaide. They are a group on AC too.

The back roads from Strath to Goolwa via Finniss save travelling on the main road, which is not very nice for slower cyclists. There is an extension past the end of the Winery Rd via Lockett Rd and Myrtle Grove Rd, then the only bit of main road is through Currency Creek itself. Even the south bank of Currency Creek has a little dirt lane that meanders up from the bridge and rejoins right at the Mt Compass Rd junction. Also the Airport Rd junction has been shifted south about 200m from the old junction to make the whole place safer.

Most Xmases I take a week off and cycle some of the lower peninsula from a base in Victor, I just love the area.

I am doing something similar in a few weeks time but in reverse, and I will catch a train from Adelaide to Noarlunga Centre to cut out a fairly long boring section of the tour. I also do the same thing when traveling North, ie catch a train to Gawler Central 

Yes, I was thinking something similar, but my thought was to cut out the long slog up into the Hills with full panniers, bygetting the train up to Belair.  Maybe I should finish the circuit at Noarlunga and get the train into the city.  Thanks for the idea.

The problem with Belair is that you have to descend into the national park and then ascend again up to Sheoak Rd and Waverly Ridge Rd. Although the Queeens Jubilee Drive in the park is a beautiful shaded climb it is not necessarily easier than ascending straight to Crafers. Do it for the scenery, not because it's less effort.

Finishing at Noarlunga is an option you can leave yourself if you need to, it's a fair way on bike tracks back to Darlington and the city.

Rather than Belair Station you should get off one or two stops earlier, BJ can advise which one, why it's better and how to get to the road to Strath, he did the same for me last summer.


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