Hey guys, I am considering on buying my first road bike. I really want a carbon (monocoque) framed bike with Ultegra, but with finances tight am prepared to have 105s minimum, with the option of upgrading rims and tires.

The bike I am considering is a CF Orbea Onix T105, and looking to upgrade the Shimano R500 rims to either Fulcrum 5's or Mavic Ksyriums and some quality Kevlar tires. Is that a good choice of rim to go for?. I went into 'The complete cycle' in Port Noarlunga and spoke to Peter about it. Said I could get this bike for $1999, plus the added upgrades. Is this a good price? Any room for haggling?

I am a sportive type rider with the occasional sprint thrown in for good measure, and I wanted to get a bike I can hold onto for a number of years and upgrade some components over time. Carbon framed is non negotiable in my eyes. Don't ask me why, I just want it.

Has anyone dealt with The Complete Cycle before and can vouch for their service abilities?

What about the Orbea brand, I have seen these bikes every now and again, do they have a good reputation amongst the riding elite, or is it considered 'average'? I just want to get an idea of what I should be expecting. I hear the Euskatel cycling team are being sponsored by Orbea, and that the Orbea carbon frames have a lifetime warranty. But that is the limit of my knowledge about the brand.

Any help or constructive advice would be appreciated.

Link to bike specs. http://www.evolutioncycles.com.au/cycle?page=shop.product_details&a...

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Thanks Frank. I was told by Peter just from him looking at me that I am a 51cm size.
I love the look of tce wilier bike from trak cycles. it looks amazing. That bike was at tce top of my list prior to checking out.the orbea. again I am not a racer and don't think I could ever.be one. but I do like to attempt personal challenges so I know having a good well made bike with quality and durable components is very important.
Thanks pat. he did offer me to take one for a spin. I didn't have time but will take him up on it when the time comes.

Peter is excellent, he has been in the game for years and his his knowledge on Orbea roadbikes is second to none, one of the very few dealers that stock Orbea

6 dealers in SA

Made in Taiwan and China

I found that out too rob by the way he was talking about the brand and the company. very knowledgeable about orbea.

If money is tight I would not do any bling upgrades. There is nothing wrong with the standard Mavic wheels and the tyres, well they are a cost of riding just like chains ... just wear the set that comes with the bike out and by then you will know what you want and hopefully by then, will have recovered financially. Sometimes the stock seat isn't too comfortable so you might like to change that (or use you current one) after a few rides if the saddle hurts you.

It can be a major expense early on if you get the gearing decision wrong. The compact 50 - 34 crank in the spec you posted is a must have down South and try and get a 28 or 32 size cassette for riding long hills. If your hill climbing isn't to good and you suspect you would desire a triple ring crankset that decision has to be made now.

32 - strewth, 28 will suffice for climbing Willunga Hill, Bangor Road, Wickham Hill road, Bains Road, Chandlers Hill Road  - all good long hill climbs down south

ive got a standard crank and a 12-25 on the back and those hills are not anything major on that set up

I still have the Shimano R500 rims that came with the bike 4 years ago...  havn't broken them yet, even with racing & crits. They are wearing on the brake surface now so am looking at a replacement set soon...  what I'm saying is that even entry level rims can serve you well.

Thanks roger. the standard wheels that bike came with were the shimano r500 rims, not mavics. He told me the shimano rims were a good solid wheel and has no issue with them. but I personally want to get the weight down a bit on the bike and was suggested that upgrading wheels and tires is usually the first thIng you do. Should I not bother? The specs in that link probably showed mavics but the bike at completes were definitely shimano rims.

Id try them out first Shav.

You will notice a huge weight difference between your current and new bikes regardless!

Ive given up getting the weight down on the bike...Im just eating less :)


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