We have lots of talk on here about going up hills but what about down.

I have been up the Old Freeway couple of times now and ridden of into the distance.  But on the way up plenty of riders going down and I thought must be a great descent.

One of my faves is Alexander ave in Galwer long and straight.

Some are just downright scary like checkers with that right angle at the bottom.  And of course road behind Para Wirra, Galwer Wheelers know what i mean.

So what are your faves and what are you riding the brakes down.

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Col de la Bonette-Restefonde - 90km downhill to Nice!!

now that is a nice descent but remember have to earn the downhill first.

My uncle travels from UK to France and Spain to ride some of the climbs in Tour of France, a friend told him get brand new brake pads you will need them!!

The northern approach to the Col is 24km @ 6.6%, so by the time you get to the top, you really have deserved the downhill! I did it on my touring bike - 13kg bike + 20kg luggage, 42x28.

It is the highest road pass in Europe (2802/2854m), but not the highest paved road (Pico del Veleta @ 3392m near Granada, 42km @ 6.2%!).

OMG that video is awesome 

That is a cracker, the day I did it it was 2 degrees c at the top and sleeting, and 28 degrees and sunny at the end. Get hyper extended forearms from getting on the brakes so often and so hard from the top. 

Lobethal-Basket Range Rd, coming back towards Adelaide from the Deviation Rd intersection. Fast, twisty, especially at night with good lights!!

Greenhill Rd is good early in the morning.

Woodland Way at Teringie for low level flying, don't need to ride the brakes.

+1 for Lobethal to Basket Range, the whole ride between Lobethal and Norton Summit is awesome. Also love Tregarthen Rd between Ashton and Summertown, quite short and dead straight but very steep with a dead straight incline on the other side - the challenge being how far up the other side you can make it without using the pedals after the descent.

You ride a Rolls Canardly.  Rolls down one hill, can 'ardly get up the next.

Love this! LOL

Love it! :-)

Local Montacute road, a little further out Bear Rock down to Palmer.

+1 for Montacute.  A glorious stretch of road.


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