So came across this fallen tree on the Torrens Bike trail. Who should I report it to?

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The local council in that area.

We can point you in the correct direction if you let us know which suburb it was in, or if you can describe the location with respect to some nearby landmark (e.g. half a kilometre down from the Findon Road bridge).

Much of the Torrens Linear Park is quite well used (especially on warm summer evenings) so the odds are that a local has reported it already, but better to report it just in case everyone else also makes that assumption!

It was literally a minute from the Frome St bridge, just as you go past the zoo. That would be ACC then?

Yep, that bit is Adelaide. 

Their website has some issues so I've emailed them.

Thanks Dave.

That was prompt. "Good morning Sterling,
Thank you for your email regarding the fallen tree.
The matter has been forwarded on to our Horticulture Department for processing.
Should you have any further enquiries regarding this request, please do not hesitate to contact us and quote reference number 2183781.
Kind regards

I've used the app "Snap, Send Solve" a couple of times. You take a photo and submit on the spot and it goes to the correct council or state government automatically. Norwood, Payneham St Peters Council seem to react quite quickly to it

Yes I've been using Snap Send Solve for more than 2 years now and it works every time I submit a problem , great app  ! 

Thanks Kristian. I've downloaded it and will give it a go next time it's needed.


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