Am I the only person who is getting E-mail notifications about comments made on discussions on the Adelaide Cyclists forum that were posted about 3 days ago ??
I am still getting these E-mails even after clicking  on stop following - don't e mail me ,under the discussions .
Somethings gone haywire ,, maybe my server or the AC server ? bloody technology ! 

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Me too.

Me too.

It sounds like the problem is on the Ac end then ..
Oh well at least we're keeping up with the old news .. 8~) 

Funny that, I've been getting the same and just found a new batch of old emails repeated, I was going to let Angus know but I think the title of this discussion will get his attention quick smart.

Me too. I spent all day wondering why Matt B had told me to HTFU again? Then Phil was going to court martial CWL again - that I understood ;-)

Now Gary Mills is stalking me!


How can anybody stalk you when even you don't know where you live

Oh, ok. I got a weird one today. I'll report it. Thanks for letting me know. If you're experiencing the same just comment and the developers will see.

General Ning problem I think Gus. I started getting them very intermittently a few days back, now I'm getting a bunch of really old ones. I think a bunch of them got stuck somewhere.

Yep, they say it's fixed but we'll see. Give it a day or so.

Email notifications are missing or delayed [Resolved]

Posted on April 27, 2012 – 11:16 am

Our on-call team has resolved the issue that caused Message Broadcasts and some email notifications to fail intermittently. Networks should now be sending all messages successfully."

Is General Ning part of the Korean army ?

and me

It's been driving me nuts lol but hopefully it is now resolved :-)


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