Do you ride Linear Park in the East, have an interest ? The Bicycle Institute is looking for your feedback.

You may be aware a process has been underway looking into the future role, management structure and priority actions for the River Torrens Linear Park to the east of the city, a space used by many bike riders.


From this a Draft River Torrens Park Management Plan has been released for comment for  and The Bicycle Institute is looking for your feedback, as a cyclists, on the draft plan.  We will then put forward a consolidated submission on the draft Plan addressing key benefits/issues for cyclists.


A copy of the draft Plan can be viewed at


Heather - thanks for also posting on AC.


Key Issues in the draft plan


Seven key issues are identified in the draft Management Plan as follows:


1. The Role of the River Torrens Linear Park
2. Management Framework
3. Safety and Risk Management
4. Meeting Recreation Needs
5. Maximising Environmental Performance
6. Acknowledging Cultural Values
7. Development Within/Adjacent to the Linear Park


We welcome your feedback on these 7 key issues and also on the use of Linear Park as a transport corridor for cyclists.


Cycling for transport and recreation


Draft Plan Recommendations

A 3m shared path for walkers and cyclists is recommended, along with improvements to signage and known conflict points to increase visibility of oncoming cyclists.  See draft Plan for full details.


Recreational cycling is seen as the primary role of Linear Park in the draft plan. Commuter cycling is identified as a secondary role although it is noted commuter numbers are increasing, as are recreational walkers and riders.


The Bicycle Institute is interested in your views on the following:

  • Will a 3m shared path reduce future conflict between walkers and cyclists?
  • Should Linear Park remain primarily for recreational use or encourage commuters?  Is it one or the other?
  • Do recreational and commuter cyclists have different needs or require similar infrastructure?
  • Should Linear Park have a dedicated bike path?


How do I submit my feedback?


Comments here are welcomed.  For more detailed feedback:


Forward your feedback via email or within the feedback form (link below) to by Wednesday 24 August to allow time for all feedback to be consolidated prior to the 31 August closing date.


The feedback form can be downloaded at

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Replies to This Discussion

Katie, I rarely cycle River Torrens Linear Park -- fed up with pedestrians who do not know how to share a 'shared path', plus out of control dogs. For a decent ride without excessive cars, catch the train to Lonsdale and cycle back on the Coast to Vines Rail Trail, Veloway, River Sturt shared path, Westside bikeway and on-road bike lanes. This requires more time and planning, and a good day without excessive winds or temperatures on the unprotected Veloway. Although on the 'cyclists only' Veloway I have encountered pedestrians, motorbike riders, and seen tyre marks from vehicles.

A 3m shared path will help to reduce conflict between walkers and cyclists, but not totally. Think of pedestrians illegally on the Veloway.

The Linear Park should also cater for commuters. When I do ride here, it is for recreation with a group. However, routes into the city like North East Road are not cyclist-friendly for the new commuter rider, and definitely not enjoyable for the experienced commuter.

At times recreational and commuter cyclists have different needs. The Westside Bikeway is frustrating because authorities have taken a straight route, and introduced many corners. However it is useful route, and much nicer than Anzac Highway with its minimum width bicycle lanes. Note that this is not my commuting route.

Linear Park should have a dedicated bike path.

Encouraging more cycling benefits walkers. Think of the number of flashers, etc, reported on Linear Park. Perverts are more likely to pick on vulnerable pedestrians, and cyclists can provide casual observation and deter such unwelcome behaviour.

Katie, BISA is welcome to use my above comments. Let Angus know because he commutes on the Linear Park. He could make a more informed submission.

My comment is in respect to cycling in Eastern Linear Park apart from the other high values of this environmental asset. While I see that the Park serves a wonderful purpose for recreational cycling it is also of primary importance to cyclist commuters. Many cyclists use the path for their commute even if the ride to work or shopping is longer because the environment (trees /shade / riding fun factor is often far better than wrestling with vehicular traffic on the road network. Especially in the East of Adelaide there is a lack of green corridor for this kind of travel. BISA is very keen to promote a ‘greenway network’. The Park authority should note bicycle data from the yearly National Super Tuesday count each March. At my count site by the new Zoo Bridge I counted 267 cyclist movements between 7 am and 9 am. The greatest percentage of riders would have been commuting.

As it happened on a wet morning today I needed to commute to the City to work from Holden Hill, otherwise I usually cycle in from Prospect in the North. Having earlier cursed at the slow traffic on Regency Road on my way East in the car with bike on the carrier it was a relief to cycle back down the path to the City. It was wet but magic unimpeded riding to work in just over 30 minutes. Sometimes there is little distinction between a purposeful commuter with a determined cadence and some recreational users who pedal with similar determination for recreation & fitness. The point here is that the rider intention is different but from the onlooker, other cyclist pedestrian etc. the cyclist mode of activity amounts to the same use of the space. I would support any safety improvements to the path. In particular note on this wet day one of our NTPBUG cyclists came to grief on the slippery wooden low bridge below the Hackney Caravan Park today. Thanks, David Ladd


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