If you ride with a regular group, or even by yourself, does someone in your party carry first aid items? The reason I ask is I was given a new space blanket today and it is so small and light, about the same size as my 'Jersey Bin' storage thing. The benefits of carrying one in your group outweigh the negatives.

My colleague who gave it to me had a member of his group have terrible accident on the weekend. I won't go into details but it was the cyclists own error and it took two ambulances and and hour and a half to move him. He is now stable but will take a lot of time for him to get back to normal.

What was noted by the ambos was the benefits of a space blanket to keep the patient warm when in shock, or dry if raining or just to keep a wound clean.

He went off today to a medical supplies place in Stepney and bought this stack of stuff. $25 gets you 10 space blankets. Other items he is going to carry is some small medi wipes, a non advesive patch, band-aids, and small bandage. All can be folded really small and is quite light.

He shopped at Adelaide Safety Supplies in Stepney and he said they offer discounts to groups. Perhaps I might see if I can get a discount for AC riding groups.


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Noel, so you understand my advice about a mobile phone and compression bandage. Until then I thought only puncture repair kit and tools necessary on the Veloway.

On the group rides I've been going on recently I've been bringing a small first aid kit:

  • Alcohol/soap wipes
  • Saline pouch. 
  • Bandaids
  • Latex gloves
  • Anti-septic cream
  • Wound pads
  • Surgical tape
  • Forceps
  • Compression bandage

After mangling my hand on a chainring switching some pedals out the other day, I've now added Steristrips (butterfly stitches) for emergency wound closures. All fits into a 4x8x12cm pouch. Slightly too bulky for short solo rides but takes up next to no space in a backpack/hydration pack.

Have you considered broken bones common to cyclists, e.g. collarbone, shoulder arm? Can the compression bandage be used also as a sling?

Probably if necessary. I do have a triangle bandage in the home kit so that'd probably be a better idea.

Yes, I believe from my 1st aid training that a collarbone can be treated by having patient support the arm at the elbow and using the compression bandage to go round the upper arm & waist to stabalise, or wrist to neck. Or just make a fold in the jersey to support the arm. 

Having said all that, I carry a triangular bandage as well as they are very usefull for head, elbow, knee, & just stopping bleeding etc.

Sounds like a fun 1st aid arvo  ?.

The Scouts usually finish up with a Zombie competition. Hey that would look good on bikes !   

Noel, you mean an event with some first aid hints, then ride around in bandages and dressings?

Yeah, + Fake blood, wounds, scars, mangled bikes......i think it's time to get some sleep.


forceps? as in for pregnant women?

On topic, I need to order a basic soft kit. Im gonna do it coz often I am out with my group someone usually has a fall and needs at least a band aid and dettol/bettadine.

Tweezers for removing small debris like wood splinters, broken glass and gravel pieces.

Ahh. Thanks for clarification Heather. Had me raising an eyebrow for a minute there. lol

Yeah sorry, I mean tweezers.
They were handing out little, jersey pocket sized, 1st aid kits at the TDU this year. I pop one in my pocket even on solo rides. No space blanket though.


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