You may have noticed on-road cycle parking beginning to disappear out of the City of Adelaide (like the busy cycling area on Rundle Street) ...

On 11th April a motion was put to ACC THAT:

1.administration remove ALL permanent on road bicycle parking spots and infrastructure and relocate it onto footpaths and kerbs;

2. where practicable all road bicycle parking spots are to be immediately converted to loading zones or 1/4 hr parking spots.

According to the ACC minutes Part 1 of the motion was amended to read as follows:

1. administration review ALL permanent on road bicycle parking spots with a view to removing under -utilised parking spots and infrastructure and relocate it onto footpaths and kerbs;

And an additional part ‘Part 3’  was added:

3. Council continue to advance the Smart Move Strategy 2012-2022 interim Action Plan 2016-2018 cycling actions, noting one is end of trip bike facilities, install racks and/or on-street bike parking nodes where demand is high and impact on car parking and pedestrians is low.

Interestingly, ACC aren't proposing to turn under-utlised car parking spaces over to cycle parking or (heaven forbid) green space.

We know that cycling facilities - including parking - are important in facilitating cycling. Having well-designed, high level facilities also tells us how serious a local government is about cycling.

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I noticed this a couple of days ago.  

This morning

From Streetview

Where on the footpath exactly would they fit those five Sheffield racks? :-(

Will someone forward the above photo to several ACC staff and councillors, with pertinent question?

On a related topic I guess they have erased the lines and bike stencils because they need them slightly further out if cars are parking there ?  

Seems the ACC is going to continue to with pretend bike lanes which just confuse everybody.  They would be better spending some money on fixing up the road surface on Rundle Street near the East Terrace intersection as you pass the Stag going west and sorting out what the merging traffic and bikes are supposed to all do. 

Reply from ACC

"Hi there, replacement on-footpath bike parking hoops have been installed and additional bike parking will be installed soon to further increase capacity in the area. Thanks."

Paul, I am cynical.

There was a time when I often stopped at a Rundle St café with bicycle parking next door on the footpath. Forward in time and the parking removed when a shop re-opened as a cafe with tables outside.

Even earlier I used to shop at Central Market on a Friday evening. Then sit and eat outside Zouma's while watching our bikes with full panniers. Zouma's had the bicycle parking removed for more outdoor dining, so we rode to another street where bicycle parking outside a café.

Where are the replacement hoops ?  That first photo you took about looks pretty bare.

I don't think they have been installed yet.

In the photo appears to be 5 bicycle rails, or parking space for 10 customers. Replace with car parking and likely 2 people in one car. Now that makes economic sense, as well as encouraging Active Transport!!!


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