I have owned a Dean titanium El Diente Super Lite now for a few years. I got mine out of America. I am super excited to find out that there is now a distributor of Dean in Australia (www.deanbikes.com.au). I have just started doing some mountain biking so keen to get my hands on a Duke 29er. 

Does anyone else out there have a Dean bike? 

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Doesn't look like it - though Australia is now a large supplier of titanium via mineral sands...

Prices?  Or are they of the sort 'if you need to ask...'?


Hey Simon, 

I paid $3600 about 2 years ago but I was checking prices with the distributor today and was very surprised when they said the El Diente Super Lite frame is now RRP $3100. 

I also checked the Duke 29er frame price which is also RRP $3100. I just have to get permission from the finance manager and I will be getting one of these asap. Contemplating building it with SRAM XO. 



Just checked the price of a conventional 58cm road frame - - $2600 plus an extra $200 if you want carbon seat stays. I would stick with the Ti stays.

  Terry C

ti has been on the cards for a while. 


I ordered a Dean Randonneur (half way down the Road Bikes page on Dean's new AU website). The order was confirmed with a part-payment of US$5000 (five thousand) at the end of March 2010 (over two years ago!). I still don't have it.

More than two years is an extraordinarily long time. No matter how beautiful the bike turns out to be it won't be worth waiting that long.

To answer your question: "Does anyone else out there have a Dean bike?". No - but surely I should have worn out a few sets of tyres on it by now.

David Berry

And they get the interest on $5000 for two years !

You are very patient I would have asked for an expected delivery date when I paid the deposit.

I would think it is time for them to honor the contract or refund the money.

I've heard of others having very long waits for custom Dean bikes. There was one guy on some forum or other who kept his waiting time as a signature. He did get it in the end though.

gee they look nice

Be kinda weird riding a bike with your name on it LOL

Hi, I have had 3 deans over past ten yrs. the ride is great
I would however warn people about very poor customer service.
I'm not sure if I would recommend to go through Oz distributor because they had one ten yrs ago and it didn't work out.
Maybe look at some other ti bike builder.

Cameron, well said. It's three months now since I posted my warning about time delays. I'm still waiting for my Dean bike after 28 months.

David Berry


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