Was anyone surprised that the Advertiser's dangerous truck video
was a Garden Grove truck? 

Truckie stood down after dashcam footage of terrifying near-miss 

if that link doesn't work try this google news one 

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Unfortunately no, not surprised.
Haven't seen a report of a GardenGrove vehicle for a while - nonetheless, history repeats.

I was amazed at the footage right up until i saw it was a Garden Grove truck, 

I live in near the bottom of the Grove Way, i have been close passed by more Garden Grove trucks than anything else... 

Well done to the driver for keeping control of that car with one set of tyres on the gravel... 

And for keeping control of himself. He barely raised his voice, and drove on almost nonchalantly.

"Stood down" = "take a couple of days off, mate, until this blows over"

I seriously wonder about the (lack of) safety culture of this business...


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