Hi team.


I'm moving to Dubai. I leave Saturday week!


Does anyone here have experience cycling in Dubai or the other Emirates?


I'm already in touch with Wolfi's Bike Shop and have discussed their three weekly group rides, the Autodrome and the F1 track but any other suggestions or advice would be great appreciated.


And just so you know, I'll be taking a single-speed / fixie over there. Seems like that craze hasn't hit the UAE just yet but I'll do my best to make sure that it does.




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All the best mate....don't go breaking any of their road rules....they cut your hands and feet off!!

I'd have to buy a recumbent and attach cleats to the stumps...


So I'll do the best to avoid that. Can't see myself riding a 'bent ;-)

Yes you can, you could take my bent with  you ... and lose it behind a sand dune (where the rotten thing belongs - anyone want to be a hi-racer?)
What is your recumbent that you don't like - I have been looking for a new short wheel based  bent for some time - interested to know what negative experiences you have had!
Take care and good luck...

Thanks, Asami.

Sand tyres and a shovel in your saddle bag?


Have fun mate.

Just sand tyres. Although they do have roads their as well ;-)

Enjoy Dubai...try this site


Thanks mate! I've signed up to their newsletter!

Wow, that sounds like an adventure. Remind me, do they have a democracy? If the Tour of Omanis anything to go by I don't thing you'll be encountering any hills, or trees. Keep us in the loop via some blog posts. Good luck and I hope when I visit I'll see bikes everywhere (roller derby might take a bit more work what with the burkas and all..)

No democracy, as such! 

And yes, very, very flat. Perfect ss opportunity.

I'll definitely continue to be active on this site and I have a personal blog as well: http://skybluethinking.tumblr.com/

I'm heading over to take up a HR consulting role with EFI International. Big challenge but it's going to be great.


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