Hi team.


I'm moving to Dubai. I leave Saturday week!


Does anyone here have experience cycling in Dubai or the other Emirates?


I'm already in touch with Wolfi's Bike Shop and have discussed their three weekly group rides, the Autodrome and the F1 track but any other suggestions or advice would be great appreciated.


And just so you know, I'll be taking a single-speed / fixie over there. Seems like that craze hasn't hit the UAE just yet but I'll do my best to make sure that it does.




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Nice. Better make sure not to spin out unless I'm rocking a parachute.

Good stuff mate. Might see you at polo!
I'll come home. 2 to 2.5 years is the plan, then home and into a some sweet consulting work!



The roads are definitely not cyclist friendly, and the traffic volume is horrendous at times; make that most of the time. There may be specific cycling tracks, but the streets are not somewhere that I would venture out on.

One thing that will go in your favor is that if there is an accident with a motor vehicle they are automatically in the wrong. Policing in that part of the world is a unique experience, and one that needs to be avoided as much as possible.

After saying that I am sure you will have quite an adventure, and I look forward to your blogs. Have a great time and stay out of trouble.

That's it, Ian. I'm going to have to become comfortable with the idea of cycling as sport, not transport. Nevermind, when I come back I'll still be fitting fight and rear to ROCK the commute.


Here is a link to an artice with some useful info that you might enjoy. It starts as follows:

"Cycling in Dubai ...No, it's not suicidal, it is actually possible to ride your bike around Dubai. Here's how to do it, and where >>


Thanks mate! That's heartening to read :-D
good TT territory - nice and flat - enjoy your new adventures

Too right! I was just thinking about a TT bike this morning. Shsh don't tell the missus. Anyway, I'm cranking up the gearing on the ss/fixie to take into account the 'terrain'.

Well Alex my friend, do take care of yourself! Good luck with life and the future and do keep in touch :-)

Cheers J-Dawg. I'll be in touch for sure.


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