Cycling express .com have a sale on Greenedge clothing..50% off and free postage

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OO thanks might have to take peak and put it away for hubby for christmas :-)

we will try not to keep this thread at the top of the pile.


...and then there is the full zip option and accessories to the max:

Prendas is my fav website for retail therapy but don't tell anyone!

Some of the gear on there is very competitively priced. Nice find.

Not heard of these guys will check them out too. He won't read this he never opens his wallet - well actually I guess he does since he just brought my bike but that's different this is clothes! lol

do they have a business plan that will last to Christmas??

or do they have new sponsors with a new look?

I am a little disappointed with the replica kit to be honest.

I have a couple of Santini knicks/jerseys and to be honest this stuff is most likely below the mid-level in their range.

The knicks are a tad see through, as my mates keep telling me, and the zip on the jersey is quite short.

Unless they release the actually top level stuff I won’t be buying any more.

Don't know about the gear in Oz but I get all my Santini stuff thru Prendas. They seem to have a large Santini dealership base and I've never been able to fault any Santini jersey from Prendas, short or full zip. Haven't tried any knicks though.

I had conscience issues with buying from OS on line until 5+ LBSs p...ed me off to the max!

i have bought quite a bit from Prendas.  I realise that this hurts the Australian distributer, but when their 'TDU Special' prices are 3 times what you can get online you have got no hope of getting my business.

I reckon I might pick up my next pair of bib knicks from there. Hard to beat for price on Santini stuff. That's the lowest I have seen that brand priced.

I have a pair of the bib longs, gel twist, and there are great on those -1 mornings that we get here in Canberra.

The gel twist chamois seems to be the better pick compared to the coolmax one yeah?


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