Was cycling across a road in the city yesterday and got told off by a non-cyclist walking the other way. It was on a pedestrian crossing . I checked the rules when I got home and sure enough , it is not legal to ride across a pedestrian crossing , you have to dismount first. Unless you move to Qld , where it is ok.

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Rule changes are coming soon to allow bikes to cross pedestrian crossings, I half remember April 17th, not sure exactly.

Suggest you read
No 289 of 2016 published in Gazette 15.12.2016 p 5025
South Australia
Road Traffic (Road Rules—Ancillary and Miscellaneous Provisions) Variation Regulations 2016
under the Road Traffic Act 1961
7—Substitution of regulation 32
Regulation 32—delete the regulation and substitute:
32—Exemption from prohibition of riding bicycle on crossings
. . .


That makes it the 16th of April by my reading, 4 months after the regulation was passed.

BTW your link is borked, I just googled the title of the document.

WYSIWYG editors in forums often have trouble with links containing brackets, if you copied all four lines you would have been fine.

To prevent this error, it is best to use the 'link' button on the left of the toolbar when writing the post to create a proper hyperlink.

Tell that to Heather, I have asked her to use the link button before. Google took a few seconds.

Thank you kindly for your helpful link but I was actually replying to Dave M. FYI googling the title of the document required me to highlight the document title with the cursor, right click for google search, the first result was the offending document. No idea if phones have such easy searching methods.

Thanks for the responses ! So as of 16th April , this document will need updating - https://www.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/23438/DPTI-Cyclin... .

Until then , I'll have to walk across.

In theory, yes, but at many crossings it is possible to ride between the pedestrian crossing and the traffic flow if it is going your way. Not that I think this is a heavily enforced rule in any case as most other people I see do something unlawful at those crossings.

You have to ride around the pedestrians but don't hit the cars then no one yells at you.

...and so it should be. Allowing cyclists to ride on footpaths (except younger than 6 years of age) and pedestrian crossings is just a symptom of..... lack of proper bike infrastructure.

It seems to me that the non-cyclist who yelled has displayed an appalling lack of justice by assuming that a cyclist using a pedestrian crossing has committed an offence.  There is already a privilege/exemption available to certain cyclists, on medical grounds, to ride over pedestrian crossings.  Any assumption that a person so riding is guilty of an offence is wrong; the accuser would be extremely unlikely to know with certainty that the rider did not have that privilege/exemption.

He said he got told off, not yelled at. I think a polite, "You know you're not allowed to ride across crossings" was fair enough, since probably well over 99% of cyclists who ride at crossing are doing it illegally. It sounds like Andrew took it in the way it was intended - he checked the law and intends to stop doing it (until April 16!)

BTW I'm glad this is changing. It didn't make sense to allow riding on footpaths but not crossings. Of course, in either case, we (cyclists) must always give way to pedestrians.


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