Just had to throw this one out there!!!  what would you do? you know there is a really good fast downhill coming up and there are two ways of reaching it, the first way is slug it  up the approaching hill or take the side road with a flatter road , would you take the hard or the easy option??????????????

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I disagree to an extent.

You gotta get up there somehow, if its a flatter road then the climb would be longer, so you've earnt it regardless.

By that logic everyone would be using Old Norton instead of New.

You do have a good point if you regard the climb to Lofty, theres the easier option of taking shurdington, or going down to the bottom of the summit road at crafers and grinding up from there. I take shurdington, and i do feel like i've earnt it, being new to riding.

old norton way better then new - gets steeper at the end and no cyclists on it!

Could be a fatal attraction for some people, like the Lynton path.

Lynton is a good little kicker. Hit it up tonight in fact. It is steep but only for a samll part of the ride.

I believe there has been a heart-attack-related death for each of those hills in the last year or so.

Cant tell if your comment is serious or not. Pretty sure you will find that the hills dont cause heart attacks.

The comment is serious.  I agree that hills don't cause heart attacks, however, they can be the occasion for one if a foolish rider/runner etc. overexerts and ignores the protests of the body.

For me, why should I continue to struggle riding up a hill at 4.5km/hr, with my heart rate absolutely "in the red", and short of breath, when it is far easier on my body to get off and walk the bike up the same hill at 4.5km/hr?  Don't let pride and a misplaced sense of achievement get in the way of sanity.

If one is foolish enough (or fools around enough) "sitting" on a couch so as to ridiculously overexert, well...

Circumstances vary of course. e.g. Sometimes I may want to conserve energy for another (harder) part of the ride. But basically I'd opt for the more difficult route. Sometimes I ride for leisure, most of the time I enjoy pushing myself.

Vince, Shurdington easier? Thats pretty steep! I did it for the first time last week and might have to say that one's debatable. :)

Oh dont get me wrong it definately aint easy :)



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