Congrats to DPTI. Looks like they are cleaning up the rockslide into the Crafers Bikeway, just down from the Bollards. Was  getting a bit dicey coming down past that restriction on occasions.

So if you see 25kmh signs coming down from the bollards they are actually doing something - there's an excavator working this morning......unlike the 25 signs that were up for a month last year, 6 weeks after the slide actually occurred.

Electric sign said works to commence on the 20th, thought i a bit odd that they woulds start on a Tuesday!

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A little inconvenient going up and down at the moment as you basically have to get off your bike and go over the median strip and around the works.

However it does look like they intend on doing a decent job, not merely scraping up the rill material.

EOFY, must have a bit of $ left in the kitty.


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