Last year BISA adopted a Top 10 list of infrastructure projects to campaign for.  You can see the list on our website.  One of these is a connection between the Crafers Bikeway and the metropolitan area’s Bikedirect network.

The Google Maps portrayal of the situation (pictured) flatters the network.  (Yes there is a bike lane from the Toll House to the Glen Osmond lights, but how do you get to it?)  But the map also shows how the bike lanes peter out on each leg once past the lights.

We are looking for someone willing to help us with a campaign to rectify the situation – draft letters, identify opportunities to push our case, that sort of thing.  If you would like to help the cause, please contact our chair, Fay Patterson

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Have you seen this related post from 2012?

"No bicycle riding as per Australian Road Rules" – Posted on 19-Feb-2012 – Do you cycle near the Glen Osmond Tollgate and feel strongly about cyclist safety to request authorities to make a short section of this footpath a shared path? –

No I hadn't.  Thanks for pointing it out to me.  Seems like there were lots of people who thought that the Tollgate was bad for cyclists.  Pity we haven't had any offers of help.  Perhaps it's because cyclists can now legally ride down the footpath instead having to cross the freeway.  I wonder if the sign is still there saying that they can't?  If so, we should see about getting it taken down.

That part of the path next to the motel is private property and it is the owner's right to choose how it is used, in this case by legally using a sign authorised by rules 252 and 316(4) of the Australian Road Rules. The owner could also install bollards, chicanes, gates or other controls as they deem necessary, or closing off one end so it would revert to only being used for access by motel guests.

The state government's regulations introduced in 2015 do not allow cyclists to ride on a section of path with a no bicycles sign, that rule remains intact.

The footpath out the front is private property? Really?

Sorry not really sure where this sign is planted...

The sign is at the 'top' end of the part where the path runs away from the road and next to the motel, alongside Gill Terrace.

The footpath being on the motel's land was the answer given by DPTI the last time this issue came up.

Here is a screenshot from  I've found this site reliable in the past, pointing out anomalies between cadastre boundaries and actual usage.  It doesn't seem to be the case here.  

I worked for federal, state and local government during my career and learnt that you cannot necessarily trust what you have been told by your colleagues, especially if their explanation gives them an easy life.


I should have a look there next time I go by.

Looking at the image Ian supplied there is a clearly defined area of "foot-path"...

I think we need a general campaign against “bike-lane ends” and “footpath closed” signs. These are indicators of half-built infrastructure that need to be completed. We would not accept a half built bridge or a road to nowhere, but that is what cyclists and walkers routinely accept.

Haven't ridden past there recently, but the sign looks to be gone according to Google street view. It was there on the corner of Gill Tce in Feb 2013, but gone the next time a Google car drove past in June 2016, and still gone as of April this year.


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