Has anyone come across any really comfortable helmets? especially the straps!

No matter how much I spend on a helmet the straps always seems poorly designed and uncomfortable.

looking for something like this that spreads the straps so they dont cut your ears off.

If anyone has seen something like this in Adel I would be happy to hear where.



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Specialized helmets split the webbing around the ear like your picture, they are however not adjustable on the length of each webbing section.

Specialized TriFix

For example


I wear an Orbea Odin and I find it pretty comfortable. It does not 'spread' straps as such as in your pic, rather is a simple 'V' to the chin straps. Fine for my ears.

I like helmets with a simple 'splitter' configuration allowing for full adjustment. People with wider ears can shift the splitter down so the straps are further apart at the ears.

The splitter on my Scott helmet is a two-piece buckle, with the outside part gripping the straps when closed and releasing them for adjustment when opened.

Thanks for the info. Do Mega bike sell Scott?

I bought my Scott helmet at LifeStyle Cycles.

I have no idea about Mega Bike, but all AvantiPlus stores do (SCOTT Sports is the parent company) and also some Anaconda stores.


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