I hope this guy sees this - it made my day when I was looking for something else.

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What is the deal with the Give Way sign on the northern side of the island? I would have thought that the lights were controlling the movement of the bikes not the Give Way. Its this a way to be able to proceed across when safe and not have to wait the 5 minutes for these lights to change?

I hadn't noticed that.  I assume as there is no beg button in the island, if you are trapped in the middle with no one to press the beg button, then you give way before running the red light. There are also two give way signs at the start of the video.  The one facing north is confusing when heading south as it looks like you give way to drivers, but it is for pedestrians on the footpath - the drivers have stop signs.

The red light bit was that almost every cyclist runs this light as the light cycle is so long.  In the rear camera, I thought I recognised Ruddager but now am not so sure.

If everyone obeyed that signal and all the markings I don't think you'd even manage to get all the cyclists through

I was very amused when the Give way signs went up. Like others I had contacted DPTI about the longer than promised light cycle and received the standard placatory reply.

So the Give way signs are their answer to that problem. Better than fining cyclists for crossing over  against the red


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