Hi, I'm looking at a ride Saturday morning and I'd like to go around the back of Lobethal along Coldstore and Fox creek roads.

I'm on a road bike. Does anyone know what the surface is like, and what the gradient is like? 

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Usual Hills bitumen road surfaces, expect some bumps and leaf litter. Coldstore Rd is a moderate gradient up from Lenswood, then Fox Creek Rd is a fast descent with a tight corner up near the top. Nothing that should upset a normally awake rider.

If you use Google Maps, find the menu tag and click "terrain", that puts relief shading and contours on the map.

Thankyou. And thanks for the pointer on google maps

My preference is to head up Fox Creek Rd from Gorge Rd (usually coming from Lobethal) and then onto Lenswood via Coldstore. Great climb up to the top (regular TDU KOM) and then cruisey spin to Lenswood.

Top section of Fox Creek road is a pretty good surface. 

Great place to cycle! The above sure covers the details - enjoy!


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