I'm interest in the Bike SA Coast 2 Coast cycle event & have a few questions.

1) I found the bikeSA blog, so I understand this is not a closed circuit ride. How many people take part, so how crowded do the roads get with cyclists?

2) What types of refreshments are provided at stops, how much of my own nutrition should I bring (I have a memory of a marathon where refreshments promised only came after the 20k mark to avoid shorter distance runners from gobbling it all up...the WALL hits really hard @ 28k)?

3) How do cyclists get back to the city from Victor Harbor? How do cyclists get to Glenelg?

4) Any other info welcome!

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Question 3
See coach transfers under https://www.bikesa.asn.au/coasttocoastrideinfo-
"Tickets must be prepaid and cannot be booked on the day."
I expect many cyclists ride to the start, and a few even ride home from Victor Harbor but you need to be confident of your long distance cycling.
Think some cyclists organise to meet a partner at the finish and get a ride home ... if you can tag along for petrol money.

You could chat with Bicycle SA.

1) Coast to Coast attracts about 800 registered riders, so the roads don't get too crowded. The first 13km after leaving Glenelg will have everyone in a big group behind a police lead car travelling at medium speed, but the back end of the group starts to spread out almost immediately in case you're nervous about riding in a large group. It's not like the Bupa Challenge where the numbers are in the thousands and sufficient to make for congestion on the first couple of climbs.

2) The refreshment stops on BikeSA events typically have fruit juice, water and powdered electrolyte drink. The last two stops will also have bananas and either fruit cake or fruit buns, depending on which businesses are sponsor-suppliers each time. I've never known them to run out before I get there, and I complete these rides at an average speed of about 22-24km/h due to the mates I stick with.

3) How you get to/from the start and finish is up to you. Depending on where they are coming from, many will ride to the start at Glenelg, or park a car at least a couple of kilometres away (most on-street car parking in Glenelg is timed) and ride from there. 

With regards to the finish, there are the options of riding back (a direct route is about 85km) or buying a ticket for a coach transfer as heather mentioned. However, most people will pay the appropriate bribes to organise someone to pick them up (my sister is a big fan of bribes involving the Port Elliot Bakery) which is something that the City of Victor Harbor actually count on as part of the business case for supporting the event, since many people driving down to pick up cyclists are also likely to spend money with local traders. 

Some riders will skip the start or finish completely and join/leave the course at a more convenient location further along the route. This is not officially recommended, and if you're doing the ride for the first time means you will miss out on the pre-ride briefing that fills you in on how the organisation works.

Thanks Dave for the detailed reply. Haven't done Bupa but I've done an overseas event that has attracted over 110k participants. I've only been to Victor Harbour once so I don't know Port Elliot bakery, but thanks for letting us all know how to bribe your sister. I'll probably bribe my wife, I'd get more mileage out of that ;-)
And I'll make sure to bring my own carbs drink for energy, I can manage 60k on H2O alone, but any longer my marathon experience tought me to be prepared & fill up on carbs early.

I've only been to Victor Harbour once so I don't know Port Elliot bakery

You need to rectify that situation.

I had a look at their website, I think I will have to rectify that situation. My father's family is from a region famous for pies & pastry, so I do hold a high standard!

For any ride over 100kms i use a small feed bag on the top bar, just behind the stem. wack in 4 or so gels, and a couple of bars ( i like LCMs!)  and you'll be laughing between any feed stops.

Other than that a couple of biddons of water is all you'll need.

I've been using vitargo for a while now, as a post workout recovery carbohydrate, but considering its make-up I'm sure it'll be just as good during exercise.



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