Ok, so I do a lot of hills riding... ride to work into the city then back to home to the hills etc.

A few months ago instead of riding up Norton Summit Rd home I thought I'd give Coachhouse Dr/Woodland Way a crack for the first time.

OMG... it is a total sufferfest! I've never felt so tortured in my life! Absolutely shattered by the end.

So I was pretty hesitatent to give Corkscrew Rd a crack after 80kms on the Ride for Pain this weekend because I'd built it up to be like Coachhouse Dr/Woodland Way in my mind. Once I'd done it, honestly I didn't think it was too bad at all!

So I'd like to know what you'd rate as the 3 hardest climbs you done around Adelaide!

Is Coachhouse Dr/Woodland Way THAT bad lol?!

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Yes, Woolcock is a tough one too. Turner's Gully has the venom in the tail, just as you think 'this is not so hard' it starts. But I feel Potter's is harder.
Not hard (a nice constant 5-6 %) but very beautiful IMO is Old Clarendon Road (I think it's called), the second right after the pub after Turner's.

May I offer an alternative view?

The 3 hardest climbs I've ever done around Adelaide are three of those days when I have barely been able to get out of bed and face the day, when my head aches, my legs feel like lead, my bike feels like the weight of a cement truck with square wheels, and the day seems bleak and hostile.

Those three climbs were up my driveway, all of 8 metres long with a 6% slope.

I have not made the last section yet and it remains my short-term goal to ride up the last bit.  As training for this,  I find Mt Osmond from the start of Thirkell Avenue Beaumont a good ride, average 10.2% with much steeper bits. Hopefully my 34-28 will do it when warmed up and with a tail wind. Final section of Coach road is for another day.

Keep in reserve but on Woodlands Way, there is no "space" left for reserve.


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