That was the comment my business partner made to me today, he lives in the hills and whilst not affected by the closure couldn't see the point of it. I'm inclined to agree with him. We strive week in and week out to co-exist on the roads with motorists, but when we (or Bike SA) want a special bike ride, they close off the road, Highway 1 no less, to the vast majority of the travelling public. How to win friends and influence people. How many motorists were inconvenienced yesterday, and what will their ongoing opinion of cyclists be, as a result?

I discussed the Amy's Gran Fondo ride with my g/f over the weekend as I might do that this year (call me a hypocrite) and her reaction was "What if you are an overseas tourist and that day you planned to drive the GOR and can't because it's closed for a bunch of wannabe Cadel's" (subtlety is not her strong suit).

If we want to be taken seriously as legitimate road users, maybe we just need to "suck it up" and ride with the cars.

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And then theres the road closures for Oakbank, steer well clear of that area over Easter.

And theres the annual Bay to Birdwood event.

The Classic car rally.

The city to bay.

The 1% ers picnic runs, no roads officially closed but the escort police bikes with blue flashing lights standing in the middle of junctions seem to over rule the traffic lights.

Norwood Parade Food fair

North Ad Food fair

The annual kids in trucks event.

Keep clear of Westlakes on home game days.

And what about the road closures for all those bloody hippies for the fringe festival parade.

So far we don't have a city car free day, maybe we could have 52 event days where certain streets have to be closed, JUST DON'T TRY HAVING ONE IN MY STREET.


Ah Clive. Straight to the nub of the matter as always :) +1

Classic Clive, and spot on. 'Significant' public events bring about changes to the normal operation of our roads, parks, public transport etc. Welcome to life in a community.

lol @hippies, nice one Clive


it was only closed in one way and only for 1.5hrs poor old motorists had to use the old road just like b4 the tunnels were built.

I was closed longer than advertised, it was due to reopen at 10 which is the same time I turned the radio on at work and the news was that the freeway hadn't reopened yet and may not do so for another hour.

Well done Martin. I assume that wasn't at the Organic Market Cafe - the clientelle there are generally 'enlightened' (I'm including myself in that group!).

Plenty of nauseating " two wrongs make a right.." posts here, as usual on AC. I cringe when I hear about these "green light" rides [ "green light" b/c the mass of riders has the road all to themselves, unlike a "real" cycling experience]. I ride to go somewhere, I am not interested in going somewhere [ special ] to ride.

 [ btw ; time for a realistic discussion on 2 abreast riding, too ]

Plenty of nauseating " two wrongs make a right.."

Or is it just give and take.

 Are you really just another person who considers only their own cycling to be real, we have so many on AC each with their own version of real and so little tolerance of the ideals of others.

these motorists need a cup of cement and get over it

The old road was still open, so not like it was completely blocked getting out of town.
I think having the majority of access roads out of the eastern suburbs closed would have made life for some of the locals in the hills more frustrating


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