Chewbacca joins the "Ride4Repat" on another epic challenge to the South East......

In the morning (19th March), is the start of a new challenge far in March have ridden Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road, covering 1100km over just 5 days solo, now to complete the journey, Chewbacca (aka Rob Rau) joins the Ride4Repat Team to ride another 930km on a trip to Mt Gambier and return to bring the mileage to over 2000km for the month of March. Hopefully family and friends will believe this effort is worthy of a donation to the Repatriation General Hospital at Daw Park, SA who do great work in providing a service that is highly valued by the community.

Here is a link if you would like to donate to the Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park through Chewbacca

A number of riders on this challenge plan to keep you updated about how the team is progressing on their journey, so please keep logging onto Adelaide Cyclists. Another chance to win a great prize, but more on this later during the ride.....


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For February and March Chewbacca has been participating in the 10000 steps a day challenge.

Here is a link to the 10000 steps challenge page...

Already passed the 1 million steps .....and will be wearing the pedometer during the Ride4Repat.....

How many steps do you believe Chewbacca will achieve during this week ?

Chewbacca out on a training ride last Saturday

Great riding!  Chapeau to you Rob!

Best of luck and as the Irish saying goes... 

"May the road rise up to meet you. May you have many nice long descents,
May the wind always be at your back. (No headwinds please)
May the sun shine warm upon your face..." (don't forget the sunblock!)

All the best Chewie!  I'd hoped to see you at Daw Park before I had to head off to work this morning but timing didn't work.  You're riding with a magnificent team - huge congrats for taking this challenge on to support the Repat Hospital.

I can't wait to read all the various updates that will come throughout this ride!

Nice work for a great cause!

Ride safe and enjoy the good company and scenery..

Today on day one thanx to Sapol got a police escort down Goodwood Road and up Cross Road and only green lights....maybe show invite these fellas along to all my rides. Today was a day of hills as we climbed the Old Freeway to Crafers. We progressed on through Stirling, Algate and Bridgewater. First time for me down German Town hill and through Hahndorf and up Windmill Hill and down into Mt Barker. Everybody enjoyed the descent into Strathablyn for a well deserved tea break. Everybody looked in good form but the run out to Wellington with a gusty cross wind made the going tough. By the time we pulled into Wellington everyone looked pretty stuffed . Lunch was bread rolls with whatevwr you wanted to stuff into it. After lunch we all enjoyed the boat ride across the Murray. One happy motorist gave a donation to the cause. After the ferry the group swung to the east with a nice tail breeze to make the last 48 clicks much more enjoyable. Pulled into Meningie about Five pm and got ready for tea at the local RSL hosted by the Lions club. Tea was pretty much hoovered down and dont think many left overs to worryvabout. The dinner was highlighted by the speeches from Peter Jenkin, Peter Allcroft and Mark Reidy. Thankyou for a very enlightening evening. Well no punctures for the trip yet and only a few people Schlecking but a good firsy day albeit tough. Tomorow is a flat ride....pancake ride to Kingston....


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