Changes to Greenhill Rd Clearway/Bike Lane times - from late June 2016 (WOOHOO!)

Our Greenhill Road business today received advice from the traffic operations group that from late June the hours of operation for clearways and bicycle lanes on Greenhill Road will be as follows:

ANZAC HWY TO FULLARTON ROAD: 7am-10am and 3pm-7pm (both eastbound and westbound) Monday to Friday.

FULLARTON ROAD TO GLYNBURN ROAD: 7am-10am westbound and 3pm-7pm eastbound, Monday to Friday.

A survey seeking feedback on the changes will be available from the OMT website six months after they are implemented. Travel times review, local impact assessment etc undertaken after 12 months. 

Sounds great to me! as someone who commutes along Greenhill rd between Glynburn and Peacock Rd Monday to Friday and is sometimes running late due to school drop-off or laziness...worst normally at 8:55am when some jokers think it is close enough to 9am to if they could only go so far as to install a bikeline between fullarton rd and glen osmond westbound!

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They may as well make it 24/7... Parking on Greenhill Rd is quite dangerous anyway...

All bike lanes should be 24/7, anything else is offensive as far as I'm concerned.

There, I said it.

hoping they roll that out to Prospect road as well....all the way from the aquatic centre down to regency road...!!!

So much for late June, but the signs changed last week (Friday was the first day I noticed because I was in Melbourne Wed-Thur)...Should be fun!

Yay :o) Now what about the west-bound bit between Fullarton and Glen Osmond?

That's my favourite bit of the morning commute!... said no one ever.

That sucks if you actually have to work along there

I do work on Greenhill rd though ;) and it doesn't :).

I regularly have to visit businesses, as do couriers and a multitude of other service orientated work - that's 4-5 hours a day that make it near on impossible to get to many of them along there (and there's not a lot of point in trying to work along there after 2pm-ish if you are going to be there for more than an hour either), usually off street under building parking isn't an option either.

I understand that some overseas cities veto carparking on main roads. Improves traffic flow and safety when fewer distracted drivers looking for a park, or vehicles entering and exiting a parking spot, or drivers opening doors on cyclists. I would like businesses to provide off-street carparking, rather than expect the public (via taxes and rates) to pay for their customer parking.

A transport planner said it costs more to provide on-street parking cf off-street. The kerbside is engineered to cater for traffic at say 60 km/h cf with carpark limit of say 15 km/h.

In what way is a kerbside "engineered to cater for traffic at say 60 km/h" unsuitable to have traffic moving alongside at lower speed or at a stand? Facts please!


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