Would a workshop on servicing and adjusting drive trains be of interest to people?

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Count me in Don! Very keen to learn more about this!

Yes please

Yes please

Yes - btw, if you can cover how to adjust the 'elliptical' (tandem) you should film it and put in on YouTube!


good idea. i struggled to fix my chain rubbing on my derailler a while ago... ended up waaaay out of alignment so took it to the LBS  =-)

Yes, it's all mystical to me currently!

Yes! But not on a Saturday morning... Weekday evening would be my preference.

+ 1

Yes, most certainly!

I think this is a great idea. Would you include the "norm" in set-up; this always makes in clearer in my mind when trouble-shooting. Especially since I rarely do any mechanical work on my bike.

Yep i'm keen...youtube has helped me in the past but nothing beats a hands on  workshop from someone who knows :)

makes sense - get your hands dirty and tweak


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